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Gnome guide

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Gnome guide

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-Before you can the gnomes you must complete the "Gnomes are great" quest in Brightwall Village. The go back to start the "Gnomes are Evil" quest to capture them.

 -Inside the Catacombs make a right as soon as you enter

Dweller's Camp
 - Before the house "Wimpet's Sniffle", on the outside of  the bridge

Brightwall Village
 -Inside the house next to the library on the right
 -Behind the clothing store on top of the rocks
 -On the outside of house of slats, on top of the Chimeney
 -In the Relinquary, before the dive, go down the steps, make a right
 -In the Relinquary, after the dive, make a right, through the door, before the steps, look to the right

Bowerstone Old Quarter
 -from Bowerstone Industrial entrance near the flag on the right
 -Next to Duckworth House, on the window

 -Under the bridge look up
 -After the monorail entrance, on the right, on top of rocks
 -In Dank water cavern, you will see it on the left
 -In Dank water cavern, make a right in the second entrance
 -Reaver's Manor, down the steps, turn right in the corner

Silver Pines
 -On the right side of the cave entrance
 -After the cementary make a right, gnome is on a "tower",  near the key

Mercenary Camp
 - On top of the water tower next to the General goods shop

Sunset House
 -Next to the ghost house on the right between rocks

 -After the camp, make aleft,make another left, between 2 rocks before the water
 -swim to the farthest right and you'll find an island with big rocks. The gnome is there

Bowerstone Market
 -Make a left after Flower Bower (food) Stall
 -Inside the house "The doghouse" (next to the tavern).
 -On the bridge, go up the steps, make a left where the the circle is, look to the right and up.

Bowerstone Industrial
 -You must complete the Animal rescue quest for this gnome
 -Under the bridge near the factory (where Reavor shot the man)
 - In the second sewer entrance (below water tower), In the middle of the sewers you'll find a room where the  light shines from above, look On top
 -Cross the first bridge, go toward's the wall, look to the left at the top (hint- look for a poster)
 - In the cesspool- Where the light shines.

Mistpeak Valley
 -In the 2cd chillbreath cavern, from the entrance look up
 -The Monorial Station,the second level behind the burning train on the right
 -In the Monorail station, enter the circle where the portal is, look to the right at the top
 -From the first chill breath cavern, under the bridge
 -After the monorail, go pass the trees, When you see rocks turn to your left, go up the pathway,look to the right.

 -Behind the rocks, right before you go to Bowerstone Industrial, turn right.
 -In the Ossuary(Tomb)- between two tombs on the left before the chest

Shifting Sands
 -On the Pillar on the left. From the aurora city entrance
 -After the flags, on the left, before the cave
 -In the Sandfall Palace, up the steps, make a right, on the wall to the left
 -From the steps make a right, when you see a rock in the middle (looks like a finger) stay to the left, gnome on the left

Aurora City
 -Across the Shrine near the bridge, Across the "Wanderer's retreat" house
 -By the Ocean, outside of "The dunes" house

The Veiled Path
 - From the entrance look up on the right side
 - After the Enigma gnome on top of the pillar on the right