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-In the royal bedroom, baby room on the right, on top of the baby  on the left "Alchemy and Immortality"

 Brightwall Village Academy
- In the reliquary turn right, make a left and there is a stand  with an individual book "How to be a Master Swordsman"

-In the tavern on the second floor, on top of the chair "Famous Kings of History: Marcus Ivy"

-Behind the furniture store on the window "Attack of the Killer puffins"

- In the Reliquary- In a stand on the corner of the secret library-  "Famous Killers: Carl Tendency"

-In the house next to the library on the second floor- "The very  unsafe book for boys vol 2:Ovens"

-In the Reliquary- Downstairs, make a right, open the door, follow the path "The Book of Doom" (quest)

 Mistpeak Valley
- Near the "the hole" on the left side "How to be a crack shot"
- In the chillbreath cavern (near mercenary camp) after the first  fork make a left, turn right, after the dig spot, walk   forward there's the book "Famous Killers: Xavier Medley"
- Quest: In the chillbreath caverns, pass the ice and go up the hill,
  make a rightat the intersection and go stright.on the table there's   a book."The Book of Mysteries"

 Bowerstone Industrial

- Inside the Pub on the table - "Famous Killers: Terrance Posture"
- In the Cesspoola book dangerous things :gunpowder? (kidnapped   Linda fiancé quest)


- Inside Reaver's Manor, from the entrance make a left look on the  table to the left- "Dangerous Things: Lightning"
- Inside the tomb in the cementary- "Adventurer's Quest: A Select  your own endeavor"
- In Dank Water Caverns- on the table- "Liver of Darkness"

 Bowerstone Old Quarter

- In the Celler "The invocation of watchers" (Quest)

-On the Statue(Man) near tree before the bridge  "Dangerous Things: Industrial Machinery")

 Bowerstone Market

-In the pub, on the 2nd floor, on the table-"The Tyranny of Tyrants"

-in The Doll House On the baby bed- "The Grasping Avarice of Kings & their Lackeys"

 Dweller's Camp

-Inside Wimpet's Sniffle wagon (next to the pond)-"Famous Kings of History: King Cedric"

 Silver Pines

-On the side of the first house on the left.- "The very unsafe book  for boys: Vol 3: Boxing"

 Aurora City

-In the cave, after the steps (Where the priests are)- "The Amazing Exploits of Baron Barnaby Beadle"

-On the Shrine(The shrine is in a corner) to the left- " The very unsafe books for boys Vol 1: Hang gliding"


-In the cementary- (Quest)-"The Pangs of Sunset"

-Under the storage house, Organic Ink. The book is on crates outside the circle. "The Mibbs Spagno Theory of Gluttany"

-In the Ossuary, on the rail after the gold door. "Famous Kings: Old King Oswald"

 The shifting Sands

-After the Fort go straight, slightly to the right. You'll see a pile of books, crates and shovel. This is a dig spot. (quest) "Reaver on Reaver"

-In the sandfall palace, after the second set of stairs look to the right on the ledge- "Dangerous Things: Ladders"


-In the cave with the wood in front. If you have the bridges, go to the left, Follow the bridge to the mini island, main island, then  make a left. At the tree go right. The book is on the crate to the right. "Dangerous things: Stargazing in Remote Areas"

 Sunset House

- The book is sitting on a bench where the statues are.  "The Extraordinary Homunculus of Baron Von Orfen"