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  • Blog Post: Where's the Fable?

    Fable III is an RPG published by Microsoft Studios. Though the game should be concentrated on the story--as indicated by its name--it fell short and disappointed in more than one way. The main character of the game is the child of the late hero queen of Albion from Fable II and the sibling of the tyrannical...
  • Blog Post: TO Bad

    Fable 3 is a wolf in a sheep costume. This game seemed so good to me but after finishing I relized it *** sucked. Besides the incredible art direction and the polished combat system (but was combat in Fable ever really fun) Fable 3 is a disaster. The morality is cliched and just black and white. Most...
  • Blog Post: Fable III User Review

    I played Fable III a while back, before I played Fable II, and let me say that this is no Skyrim. Of course, that can be a good thing, while in some aspects it's not. Allow me to elaborate: Albion is under the rule of your tyrant brother, Logan, who gives you a choice to kill a citizen or your girlfriend...
  • Blog Post: Fable 3 - PC Edition

    As a heavy fan of the Fable series, and an avid PC gamer, I can't help but say I am a little disappointed in the third installment. The game has a lot of the similar features as the previous titles (moral choices, singular hero, Bowerstone, marriage, etc.) and matches them significantly. The gameplay...
  • Blog Post: Fable 3 does not measure up to previous installments, but overall is worth trying.

    It is by far not the worst game ever made, but it is the worst Fable title yet, and that is a real letdown. Being a fan of 1, and a big fan of 2, I had big expectations and high hopes for the 3rd installment, but it just did not deliver. All the changes made were unnecessary and have no impact on the...
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