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    After you conquer the trials of Fable III and become the undisputed ruler of Albion, life can get a little boring. Thankfully, the life of your stagnating king or queen is about to get shook up with an assassination attempt thanks to the upcoming Traitor’s Keep DLC . I got a chance to play through...
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    It takes a big man to admit his mistakes, and when it comes to his problems with Fable II, designer Peter Molyneaux is as gigantic as his reputation. During our demo of Fable III, Molyneaux laid out all of his criticisms of the series, and detailed exactly how Lionhead Studios is going to fix them. Molyneaux...
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    I spent time with Peter Molyneux today to learn about Fable III, the latest in his popular series. He’s hardly a closed book, and many aspects of the game have been divulged in the past. But, at E3 Molyneux demonstrated a variety of new gameplay elements and answered a number of questions. Fable...
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    “Fable is all about power. It’s about feeling powerful. I want you to feel like you can right all the wrongs in the world.” This will be a recurring theme as Peter Molyneux presents his newest installment in the Fable series. He describes the dozens of RPG and action games that rely...