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  • Blog Post: Fable III User Review

    I played Fable III a while back, before I played Fable II, and let me say that this is no Skyrim. Of course, that can be a good thing, while in some aspects it's not. Allow me to elaborate: Albion is under the rule of your tyrant brother, Logan, who gives you a choice to kill a citizen or your girlfriend...
  • File: Fable III E3 Trailer

    The dramatic RPG is on display in this E3 trailer
  • Blog Post: Fable 3 Demo At E3 With Peter Molyneux

    I spent time with Peter Molyneux today to learn about Fable III, the latest in his popular series. He’s hardly a closed book, and many aspects of the game have been divulged in the past. But, at E3 Molyneux demonstrated a variety of new gameplay elements and answered a number of questions. Fable...
  • File: GI Interviews Peter Molyneux

    Fable's creator enthusiastically describes the changes coming to the franchise.
  • Blog Post: Presenting Power: A Look At Fable III

    “Fable is all about power. It’s about feeling powerful. I want you to feel like you can right all the wrongs in the world.” This will be a recurring theme as Peter Molyneux presents his newest installment in the Fable series. He describes the dozens of RPG and action games that rely...
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