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Fable III Blog Guidelines
  • Where's the Fable?

    Fable III is an RPG published by Microsoft Studios. Though the game should be concentrated on the story--as indicated by its name--it fell short and disappointed in more than one way. The main character of the game is the child of the late hero queen... More
  • TO Bad

    Fable 3 is a wolf in a sheep costume. This game seemed so good to me but after finishing I relized it *** sucked. Besides the incredible art direction and the polished combat system (but was combat in Fable ever really fun) Fable 3 is a disaster. The... More
  • Fable III User Review

    I played Fable III a while back, before I played Fable II, and let me say that this is no Skyrim. Of course, that can be a good thing, while in some aspects it's not. Allow me to elaborate: Albion is under the rule of your tyrant brother, Logan, who... More
  • Fable 3 - PC Edition

    As a heavy fan of the Fable series, and an avid PC gamer, I can't help but say I am a little disappointed in the third installment. The game has a lot of the similar features as the previous titles (moral choices, singular hero, Bowerstone, marriage... More
  • Fable 3 does not measure up to previous installments, but overall is worth trying.

    It is by far not the worst game ever made, but it is the worst Fable title yet, and that is a real letdown. Being a fan of 1, and a big fan of 2, I had big expectations and high hopes for the 3rd installment, but it just did not deliver. All the changes... More
  • Another Fable in the Books

    The Fable trilogy has always been in my top games of all time. Creating an RPG that has the excitiment, action, fun and all other aspects of a good game. Fable comes at these with a different approach though. Being able to customize so many things from... More
  • Excellent sequel with a lot of fix

    Lion Head did a great work on this one, they added some good features and fixed some stuffs in the game. One of the many fixes was giving changes to Bower Stone city, for example they made a lot more bigger city making you to explore the whole place and... More
  • Someone tell Peter Molyneux that "Streamlining" and "Removing Features" aren't the same thing.

    The original Fable wasn't without its share of flaws and broken promises, but it was a solid, enjoyable game. Fable II improved on its predecessor in almost every way, and while it still isn't perfect, it is still one of my favorite games of this... More
  • We Explore Fable III’s Traitor’s Keep DLC & Fable: Coin Golf

    After you conquer the trials of Fable III and become the undisputed ruler of Albion, life can get a little boring. Thankfully, the life of your stagnating king or queen is about to get shook up with an assassination attempt thanks to the upcoming Traitor’s... More
  • Long Live the Revolution

    Fable III is unlike any other game and it is a masterpiece. The game never gets boring and it is extremely well made. Graphics: The game has its own style of art and it is impressive. The characters look unique and they all have different personalities... More
  • Disappointing

    Fable 3 is a let down really. I disagree with the high rating many give this game it has little to no improvement over Fable 2 and is in many ways a step backwards for the series. While the story is certainly an interesting one it does not make this a... More
  • Enjoyable but not Challenging

    I enjoyed Fable 3 quite a bit and at times I had a hard time putting the controller down. I noticed as I played through the game and especially when I finished the game that I was actually a little disappointed with the game. To start out with what I... More
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