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Fable III

Fable 3 Demo At E3 With Peter Molyneux

I spent time with Peter Molyneux today to learn about Fable III, the latest in his popular series. He’s hardly a closed book, and many aspects of the game have been divulged in the past. But, at E3 Molyneux demonstrated a variety of new gameplay elements and answered a number of questions.

Fable III operates in two halves. The first half is similar to the experience we’ve had in the first two games, with plenty of exploration, combat, and relationship building. At roughly the halfway point of the game, you’ll ascend to the throne and become king. Then the game shifts. As the king, you’ll turn your attention to matters of a more royal nature.

As Molyneux reminds us, there are plenty of games where we end up as king, but we never get the opportunity to see what happens after we get the job. Our heroes are great at dispatching thousands of vile enemies, but can we balance a budget, put a chicken in every pot, and a horse in every stable?

When Fable III opens, the land of Albion is suffering under the tyrannical rule of its king. He’s made dubious decisions, the country is starving, and the people are taxed into poverty. Albion yearns for a new leader, and whaddaya know, you are just that guy (or gal). Your hero is related somehow as a descendant of the hero from Fable II, and Molyneux went so far as to explain that Fable III will read existing Fable II data from your 360, and alter elements of Albion in response to your actions in the previous game.

Fable III has no experience points or leveling. Instead, your progress is measured by the number of followers you’ve amassed in your journeys. Molyneux indicated two ways you’ll earn followers. The first is by personal interaction. You can woo townspeople through simple interactions, like waving, touching, gesturing, and, for some deranged people, farting.  Go figure. You’ll also earn followers through heroic acts.

By the time you’re in position to overthrow the king, you’ll need almost a quarter-million followers.  Fortunately, you don’t need to recruit them individually. Once your followers have recognized your greatness, they’ll start spreading the word on your behalf. As a town starts to flip allegiances to you, the town’s banners will switch from the king’s to your own, and you’ll be followed in the streets by adoring fans.

Fable III’s magic system has been overhauled in a fascinating way. You’ll map a spell to each of your hero’s gloves. Molyneux used a hero with a fireball spell on his left hand, and a force push type spell on his right hand. When magic is used, your hero will shoot off a single spell that combines the two spells. In one sequence we saw, Molyneux’s hero was surrounded by hobbes. His magic spell blasted the hobbes with fire, and pushed them several yards away from the hero. 

Magic spells become more powerful the longer your hero charges the spell before releasing it. In the heat of combat, it’s tough to charge the spell for very long as you’re being set upon by enemies. But, if you can manage it, you can power up your spells long enough to do major damage, no matter how early you are in the game.

  • i absolutely loved my experience with Fable 2. while Molyneux made promises he couldn't keep and stretched the truth about the game, that didn't disrupt my time with the game. it was fun and addictive. my only gripe was the length and lack of final boss. i cannot wait for Fable 3 since i'm sure it will be as fun and addictive as the last.

  • Looking forward to it.

  • I've never even played the first two, but lawd.. This looks like a good game.

  • i hope we still get to fight as king cuz i better not have wasted 80 dollars..... just kidding i love fable no matter what

  • WTF KIDS!!!!

  • o and this is a must by it looks to *** good to pass up!

  • I don't give a crap what P. Moly says about Fable3. Have you guys @ GI had any hands on yet? I can't think of anyone in the industry more full of hyperbolic hot air than Molyneux.

    Also I hope they changed the goddamned awful spell selection mechanic from Fable 2. *** a golf-swing style system would have worked and been no less hard to select your spell fast.
  • I'm looking to see if Lionhead took everything they learned from Fable II and make Fable III that much better.  Can't wait to try it out.

  • I bet this will be as good as the last two, Lionhead has yet to disappoint.

  • Caint wait to see the second half. I would absolutly love to manage a kingdom and still be able to go out and fight the good fight. Hope they can pull it off.

  • Fable 2 was great, but I hope there's more after the game stuff to do this time...

  • I may be the only one who feels like this, but I felt let down by Fable 2. The first game was a rare Action/RPG jewel, and the second wasn't bad, it just was the exact same with several tiny tweaks. And it felt like there was even less to do in the second one than the first. Like I said, not bad by any means, it just didn't really woo me the way the first one did.

    P.S. the removal of plate armor did not help it's cause either.

  • The game looks grea.... wait, is that guy attacking a red-tattoo glowing, demonic winged pirate...... with a lute?

  • I can't wait for this game. As long as half the things Moly claims are true, this will be awesome. The second one was short, but other than that very good.

  • Sounds like it could be a lot of fun... but trying to lower my expectations this time around.  Just in case.

  • if it uses natal im not getting it even though im a major fan

  • i <3 Fable III

  • i honestly cant wait for this game, co-op in Fable 2 always felt too restricting but now the barriers are finally gone

  • Hmmmmmm.... major changes for this iteration. I am very excited to see how it all plays out, I think it's good that Fable is mixing things up already. As great as F2 was, I don't think I would have liked another game of mostly the same - thumbs up.

  • I hope they choose not to affect the characters look based on the stats, it would be nice as an option, but not required so you end up with someone rivaling Schwarzenegger in his prime for either male or female