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Fable III vs Fable II

Lionhead Studios has made great games for years including the Black and White series, but one great achievement for Lionhead Studios is the Fable series. Fable III was a good game; although, there are certain aspects of Fable II that were better. Fable III still outshines Fable II in many ways. The Sanctuary is a great addition to the game. Here you can access different rooms for your clothing, weapons, trophies, Xbox live, the road to rule, your dog, and the map. I like the different rooms and the way they are laid out. The map in the Sanctuary is also a great addition to the game for the most part. Being able to buy and repair your properties in this map makes it easy to manage your properties, but the map in Fable II is more defined. In Fable II the map looks more like a map. The weapons in Fable III in my opinion are much better. They have a better look, the ability to rename the weapon, and three objectives each giving a reward to make the weapon better. The Will abilities in Fable III were also upgraded. In Fable II you got a list of Will abilities that you could use, but in Fable III you obtained spell gauntlets that allow you to duel wield spells. The storyline in both games were great. Either way you go you can not go wrong purchasing either game.

  • Nice review. I really enjoyed fable 2 and fable 3. Both games had some great stuff for me as far as playing it. Where fable 3 was great was the playing with friends. I had a blast playing with a couple friends and smashing enemies together.