Fable 3 is a wolf in a sheep costume. This game seemed so good to me but after finishing I relized it *** sucked. Besides the incredible art direction and the polished combat system (but was combat in Fable ever really fun) Fable 3 is a disaster. The morality is cliched and just black and white. Most of the time im just staring at a damn loading screen. I cant tell you how many times I walked into the wrong area and was punished by waiting 3 minutes to go play again. Also the story is lame and I never felt the villans were so dangerous. Also the lack of progression is unnaceptable and the horrible closet menu system sucks so bad. Fable 3 is a lazy slog that no RPG fan should ever play, but two quest are amazig. One is a D&D quest and the other is breaking up a marrige but that is the only time Fable 3 made me smile.