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Fable 3 is a wolf in a sheep costume. This game seemed so good to me but after finishing I relized it *** sucked. Besides the incredible art direction and the polished combat system (but was combat in Fable ever really fun) Fable 3 is a disaster. The morality is cliched and just black and white. Most of the time im just staring at a damn loading screen. I cant tell you how many times I walked into the wrong area and was punished by waiting 3 minutes to go play again. Also the story is lame and I never felt the villans were so dangerous. Also the lack of progression is unnaceptable and the horrible closet menu system sucks so bad. Fable 3 is a lazy slog that no RPG fan should ever play, but two quest are amazig. One is a D&D quest and the other is breaking up a marrige but that is the only time Fable 3 made me smile.

  • Fable 3 had some redeeming qualities to go along with the bad. The Maps were better as far as in my opinion. The enemies fought harder and it seemed they actually thought about how to attack you instead of just standing in their normal places waiting for you to shoot them with your rifle. The story took you all over the map and gave you insight to the area. I do agree that the villain was a little lame. It needed something more to compare with Fable 2 because the bad guy in that was one in a million. He killed your sister right in front of you and then shot you as well. He was evil. This villain was iffy. But the game play was better in my book and I really enjoyed playing the game with one of my friends.
  • Interesting. A friend of mine really likes the game.