As a heavy fan of the Fable series, and an avid PC gamer, I can't help but say I am a little disappointed in the third installment. The game has a lot of the similar features as the previous titles (moral choices, singular hero, Bowerstone, marriage, etc.) and matches them significantly. The gameplay still retains the action RPG feel, which is good, and your decisions throughout the game shows considerate consequences. With the strong pointers said, lets talk about the negative: storyline.

Compared to the last two, this one's story felt weaker and rushed, which is sad considering the plot is usually the strong point in these games. The concept of rebelling against the ruler and eventually taking the throne is a great idea but executed poorly. If following the storyline path, the game is very short and will end quickly (final boss is particularly too easy) and seems to feel like reading a short story rather than a novel. Thankfully, the characters and settings more than makes up for it. In your travels to rebel and rule Albion, you will meet a colorful cast of people, including the ever lovable Ben (voiced by Simon Pegg). All of them have fantastic voice actors and all have specific qualities that makes them unique.

The graphics look remarkable ( especially if you play on low settings) and some of the music is borrowed all the way from the first game, which isn't bad. Your choices and actions leave a hefty mark on the world and gameplay-style, but no matter what you choose on the Road to Rule (a better replacement of the standard 'leveling-up' system), you will end up getting the same stats. Mini-games are also abundant and fun to do and like usual, the game only ends when you want it to.

Now for the PC features. The game comes packed with 3D support, quests, and free weapons. Difficulty levels are added (though doesn't change the fact that the game is STILL TOO EASY) and there is controller support. Games for Windows Live is a must as well. DRM/Securom is very minimal and only requires an online check now and then. You won't even have to pop the disc in to play.

With that said, Fable III is a great game that falls short of being too easy. The plot, though excellent, felt rushed, though the gameplay easily makes up for that.