It is by far not the worst game ever made, but it is the worst Fable title yet, and that is a real letdown.  Being a fan of 1, and a big fan of 2, I had big expectations and high hopes for the 3rd installment, but it just did not deliver.

     All the changes made were unnecessary and have no impact on the gameplay.  Tattoos? Clothes...?  It seems as though they focused way too much on customizing and overhauling all the wrong things.  And although the guns add new flavor to the combat, I am not a fan.  I feel that they took a step in the wrong direction with 3.  Instead of improving and advancing things that needed to be, like a more powerful decision-making/effect scale or stronger plot/side quests/wealth building techniques, they added more customizable tattoos and clothes and families and houses.  If I wanted to play something similar to The Sims, I would just play The Sims.  I am also not a fan of the new leveling system, or The Road to Rule.

     I mean, it's not all bad.  The Sanctuary as the pause menu was fun for about 2 minutes, until you realized that it takes much, much longer to make a quick change compared to just going to a regular listed menu.  Unnecessary.  And it takes you completely out of the action.  It's a good idea, but not for the pause menu.  Just make it a place to fast-travel to on the map.  And the combat is still fun and fast-paced, especially with the crisp graphics and responsive feel of Fable 3.  It really is a beautiful game, visually, but definitely lacks the depth and scale of other RPG's competing for our attention.  And I'll admit, among all the drab side-quests there are a few that made me laugh, and others have mentioned them too; one being the D&D game that you enter as a player's character, and another being one where you have to act in a play.

     Overall, I gave it a 6.5.  It is an enjoyable game, just not for very long.  I would recommend to at least try it.  It may be what you have been looking for.  It definitely caters to a certain taste, I just did not have an appetite for it is all.