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I've always been on the fence about Fable 3 since it's release and didn't quite know if it would be worth the buy, so of course, I didn't buy it. However, my girlfriend had the game and after a few months of telling me how good it was and looking at the reviews for myself on the internet, I figured it was about time I gave it a shot. After playing and enjoying the first two games, did Fable 3 come through as a better game than the others? Or did it end up being a hit and miss as I intended? Find out what's up by reading on in my Good vs Bad review.

The Good:
+Graphics: Fable has always had great graphics for their games, or at least a great graphic style. Though they may not be the most realistic looking, they are still great to look at and the frame-rate isn’t quite as bothersome as it use to be. Albion somehow still manages to look different in every game for reasons I’m unaware of, but it’s always a beautiful place and a blast to play through.

+Sound: One of the best and my personal favorite things about Fable are the sounds it has to offer. The voice acting is great, and they’ve managed to make it so that everyone in the game doesn’t seem to be voiced by 2 or maybe 3 people. Then there is the music for the game, which is beautiful regardless of being in a battle or just taking a stroll through the games many cities.

+Gameplay: If there’s one thing that doesn’t change much with Fable, it’s the fact that its base gameplay has managed to stay the same after all these years with little variations. The controls for the game are just about the same as they have always been and the combat is still pretty easy to get use to, though it seems that the game is a bit easy at times. Even when fighting crowds of around 20 enemies at once, gamers with a good sense of flow can get through the whole game without being knocked out a single time. The games co-op has been improved though, and there isn’t as much of a hassle with keeping up to your partner, as well as more interactions with them. Next to the combat and co-op is the ability to make more choices that will determine your status as good or evil and help see whether or not you’re able to be a good king or queen for the people of Albion.

+Replay Value: Seeing as how the game is pretty long, there are a lot of quests to do, a lot of items to look for and at least 2 different stories you can get, there is a lot of replay value in Fable 3. The game is rather addicting after awhile as well and the achievements are bound to take up a good amount of your time if you are looking forward to getting them all, but they don’t seem difficult to get, just time consuming.

The Bad:
+Graphics: Though the game looks great, it only seems to be that way when you’re actually playing. When watching a cut-scene, the graphics for the game seem to lose their sharpness and become jagged, with the framerate skipping around in a rather annoying way almost as if they didn’t take enough time with them.

Overall, Fable 3 is definitely a good game which I definitely should have thought about picking up a lot sooner and is well worth the buy, but because of its minor case of stage-fright during the bigger moments in the game it gets an 8.5 from me. For more of my reviews, look me up on,, and or just follow me on twitter /thatSTERLINkid.