I'd just like to say that in my opinion, Fable III is by far the best of the Fable series in terms of storyline and overall combat. However, there were plenty of flaws as well.

First off, not having a start menu sucks, I mean really sucks. Its so counterintuative to video games that it gets me confused everytime I press the start button and I hear John Cleese's voice. This includes going to stores to try and sell your items or buy items, its very frustrating.

Second, the level system could've been done better. I think the concept of the Road to Rule has potential, but having to unlock the ability to use facial expressions, do jobs, and buy and sell property is a bit extreme.

Third, on the concept of facial expressions, what happened to the expression wheel where you could choose what action you wanted to perform. Ive never played patty-cake so much in my life to get people to like me!

Fourth, the combat got way too easy once you used the right combination from spell weaving. All you have to do is use shock and vortex and very very few enemies can even touch you while they are being shocked to death. The only enemies that actualy gave me trouble by the end of the game were the big mercanaries who threw dynamite and fireballs. Even the final battle wasn't difficult with a good ranged weapon.

I think melee was obsolete in this version of the game. Granted this is revolutionary times and in real life people were moving away from melee and towards guns. But melee fighting has been a cornerstone of Fable since the beginning. Making melee the most vulnerable and least effective attack was disheartening.

I've played through Fable III three times now, and no two times have been exactly alike and I absolutely LOVE that. From the development and look of my weapons to the amount of citizens I saved, so many things changed and it was great.

I love the humor tied into the storyline of Fable III, whether it was the cardboard quest, hobbe having a heartattack, or making the final judgement on my brother dressed as a chicken, there were many many times where I laughed out loud at this game. If you need more evidence just think about everything you did for "The Ham Sandwich."

I also liked how they developed your relationship with other people much more than previous Fable games. Especially Elise. However I really wish you could have a romantic tryst with Page.

Overall this game was extremely enjoyable and I am looking to any DLC they send out for it.

I give it a 9.25 / 10 on the game informer scale.