Ok. I love the Fable series, and when I first started playing Fable III my first reaction was "This is going to be an amazing game." The length of it redeemed the 'short' Fable II but fell short in one retrospect. But, like each Fable game thus far, it's had its disappointments, and I can't reveal why without spoiling anything. This game, however, is definitely the best one in the series and highly recommend it.

Although combat is still very much the same as Fable II, they made it much more fun with a faster pace and the ton of extra animations such as instead of a normal melee flourish you might backflip onto a mercenary's head to snap their neck. I also like how the weapon system was changed so that your weapons evolve and get perks depending on what you do in the game, whether you like doing jobs or kill this many of this type of enemy to make your weapon look different. So for this I give 9/10 for the combat.

The story is by far the best in the series, but they definitely could have done a lot more with it to make it truly one of the most epic games ever. I praised the opportunity to make decisions and run the kingdom as well as continue the story once you become the Ruler of Albion, but I can't reveal anything else without spoiling anything so I end this note here with a rating of 8/10 for story.

The casual experience of menu managing and exploring is also a blast, and the world is much bigger than the first two Fables. Each area has a lot to explore and it can take many hours exploring all of it throughout your game. Like I said in the first sentence in this paragraph, the menu managing is great. Lionhead gives you a visual view of your cash whenever you want at your sanctuary whether you only have 1000 gold or 5 million. That's one of a few reasons why the start menu is much better to handle. Because of this well-done change, I rate it a 10/10.

With these 3 major aspects of Fable III, that's where I base my rating of 8.75. In my eyes it falls just short of Gold but is still a must play if you manage to get to it eventually.