Over-all i think that Fable III is a wonderful game.That being said; If something's not broken, don't fix it.

The lack of the menus make's equipping and managing weapons and character features take longer then it should.Menu's were a key feature of Fable and Fable II. I think they may have abandoned them too soon. It is a lot simpler to use now though.

The dog now take's almost a full minute to respond to you, and when it does finally respond ; you have very limited interaction's with it.  As a matter of fact; you no longer have the choice of expressions, or even direct action's even with the villagers. You are given pre-set action's (such as shake hand's or dance) with no option to change them. This make's it a a lot more difficult to get what you want to happen to happen.

The local multi-player is a feature i really looked forward to trying. And really, more game's should have it. I do have a few complaint's though.

The lack of split screen make's it feel a little underdone. Too many time's i wanted to go in one direction, and my partner wanted to go in another. Which pretty much freezes you both until one of you goes in the direction the other want's to go in.  When you interact with villagers, or your dog, or if you get a job; one person interacts at a time. And only the host of the game will actually get mission perk's (suck as specialty clothing).  So you do have to play in your own world to advance the story and gain these same perk's.

On the other hand though, you do keep all of the gold, prizes, and advancement you earn with you when you return to playing on your own file. This is not only useful, but beneficial to both player's as treasures you find in other worlds are worth more in your own world and vice versa.

The weapon's this time around were a little bit of a let down. One of the feature's i've alway's enjoyed about Fable is the variety of weapon's, and while the new leveling system is an improvement, it just lack's the same feel of finding that one special gun you've been looking forwards  to using. Although i must admit; the higher you go, the cooler they look.

The magic is perfect though. The system is fluid, and the spell-weaving is ingenious. I only wish their were more spell's to experiment with.

Another small detail i think would really improve this game, is if it played off of your previous game in Fable II. It almost seems like it was built for it. And it would really up the replay value for both of them. Playing good, or bad in II, and then seeing how it effect's III would be amazing.

I truly enjoyed playing this game despite all of the flaws listed, and would encourage anyone who enjoyed Fable and Fable II to purchase it. If you enjoy RPGs this is the game for you. It has a rich plot, an amazing capacity to make you question the morality of a situation,  and the ability to draw you into the story like few other games can.