This game really is great for any F1 fan, or racing gamer. It seems to get more realistic each and every year, and this year, it really seems to have gone that little bit further. The dynamic weather system is perfectly balanced, and although its difficult to judge (just as the weather is), it adds an extra challenge to your race.


Deciding when its a good time to change tyres when it starts to rain, judging if the rain is too heavy for intermediate tyres. It really is a challenge, the car graphics and track are unbelievable too. This game gets an 8/10 for me. To say all I have done is praised the game, this may seem low, but at the end of the day, it is an F1 game, and I don't think a game that simulates F1 racing, as much as I love F1, can be rated as high as some of the games that have years poured into them, like GTA.