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  • Blog Post: Homing In On The Hunt

    Turtle Rock hasn't been shy about getting Evolve into the hands of players. The developer provided play sessions at virtually every gaming convention over the past year, and offered fans extended alpha and beta sessions before release. That "proof is in the pudding" approach revealed the... More
  • Blog Post: Meet Evolve's Stealthy Decoy Deploying Wraith Monster, Xbox One Open Beta Starts Next Month

    The latest monster to join Evolve's expanding cast is the ethereal Wraith, who specializes in playing with your expectations. You can check out a trailer showcasing the Wraith below. It can turn invisible, deploy smart decoys that are capable of hunting, and sneak up behind you for a dangerous pounce... More
  • Blog Post: New Gameplay Video Showcases The Medic Caira's Unique Skills

    Evolve developer Turtle Rock Studios has just announced the game's third and final medic, Caira (who is also the only playable character from Earth). Described as the smartest of all the hunters, Caira's mission on the planet Shear is to learn as much as possible about the mysterious Monsters... More
  • Blog Post: Evolve Alpha Participants Played Over One Million Rounds

    Evolve's alpha ended about a week ago, and developer Turtle Rock has shared some statistics about how it went. In an e-mail sent to participants, Turtle Rock thanked everyone for playing remarking that lots of good data was generated. It also gather some statistic, which you can see in the image... More
  • Blog Post: Meet The Leader Of Evolve's Monster Hunters

    Turtle Rock Studios is continuing to roll out new information regarding its four-versus-one multiplayer game, Evolve. Today's update highlights Cabot, the final member of Evolve's support class – and he's bringing some game-changing weapons and abilities to the fight. Turtle Rock says... More
  • Blog Post: Abe The Trapper Is Evolve's Sneakiest And Most Complex Hunter Yet

    Evolve developer Turtle Rock has just announced another new playable character from its upcoming game: Abe the Trapper. Like the other Trappers, Abe can create a large dome that holds the monster inside, forcing it to battle the hunters, but that is where the similarities end. According to Turtle Rock... More
  • Blog Post: Evolve's Big Alpha Opens On Xbox One And PlayStation 4 This Month

    Evolve will be stress testing its Xbox One and PlayStation 4 servers later this month with an alpha, and we have a code that will help you get in. The beta starts first on Xbox One on October 30, and then PlayStation 4 and PC on October 31. The alpha will go through November 2 on all platforms, so Xbox... More
  • Blog Post: Watch An Entire 4 v. 1 Match Of Evolve In This Awesome Trailer

    Turtle Rock and 2K Games’ Evolve looks to be one of the best games of E3. Now, you can get a look at an entire multiplayer match, with commentary from one of the studio’s heads. Turtle Rock’s design director and co-founder Chris Ashton provides commentary throughout this almost nine... More
  • Blog Post: Evolve's New Hunters & Map Revealed

    Like a lot of games, Evolve's character classes are important in defining roles for players. But Evolve's classes – assault, trapper, medic, and support – are just the start of what the game's hunters are about and why they are important. Developer Turtle Rock Studios has unveiled... More
  • Blog Post: Interactive Trailer Lets You Switch Between Multiple Perspectives

    Teased last week , developer Turtle Rock Studios launched an interactive series of YouTube trailers this morning letting viewers watch an Evolve match from six different perspectives. You can get started with the videos by checking out the trailer below, or you can head here for the full experience ... More
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