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Watch An Entire 4 v. 1 Match Of Evolve In This Awesome Trailer

Turtle Rock and 2K Games’ Evolve looks to be one of the best games of E3. Now, you can get a look at an entire multiplayer match, with commentary from one of the studio’s heads.

Turtle Rock’s design director and co-founder Chris Ashton provides commentary throughout this almost nine-minute 4 v. 1 Evolve match. He provides insight into the team’s design process and some great tips on how to approach the game.

Evolve is looking great and appears to be one of the highlights of this year’s E3. We also have some new screens of the game below.

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  • Uh do you have a new video at all? We've already seen that one like a month ago.

  • Wish it was a newer video, this one is pretty old. But the new screens look cool, playing as the Kraken should be fun

  • Video is old, screenshots are new.

  • GI always seems to be behind on info. i dont know if there is a new video and this a mistake but i would not be surprised if they are just now posting this. I love GI but they do seem to lag behind on new info.
  • Yeah.... that enthusiasm seemed a tad too energized to be real.

  • I wish I could see the new monster in action. I missed it on the stream.

  • We've seen this before. I actually watched it a week or so ago.

  • Well the video is new to me because I sort of lost interest, but I gotta say after watching this, I'm convinced the game could potentially be pretty fun.

  • entire? get your crap together gi
  • Pretty old GI

  • So you can pounce on a hunter and pound on him for 30 straight seconds and he doesn't even die?
  • Is there a way to win as the monster? I saw him beat the #$%@ out of the hunters and they just kept coming...
  • That trapper character seems way overpowered. He can move as fast and as far as the goliath, it's like there is absolutely no advantage to being goliath except for the large life bar. It doesn't seem fun at all to be the goliath, which, I thought, having fun as a one-man wrecking crew was the point of being him.