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Evolve's New Hunters & Map Revealed

Like a lot of games, Evolve's character classes are important in defining roles for players. But Evolve's classes – assault, trapper, medic, and support – are just the start of what the game's hunters are about and why they are important. Developer Turtle Rock Studios has unveiled a new map and four new hunters, each with their own weapons, special abilities, and ways of contributing to the mission of bringing down the monster.

The Dam

The map is an important part of any match. The Dam has its own characteristics – namely its rocky canyons. The hunters each have rechargable jet packs that help them climb up the steep terrain. Getting up some of these could be a little tricky, which means that you have to be careful that your party doesn't get separated. This can also happen if one of your hunters wanders off and gets attacked by some of the wildlife. Of particular trouble are the megamouths that wait in ambush for nearby prey like a venus flytrap.

Bucket (support class)

Bucket is pretty powerful for a support character. He's got guided missiles, sentry turrets, and his head can detach and be used as an aerial drone. Furthermore, he's got a cloaking field that can cover multiple nearby hunters.

Hyde (assault class)

Hyde's flamethrower deals the most damage of any weapon in the game, but it also has the shortest range. Nevertheless, Hyde can use his personal shield to help him get in close for a few crucial seconds. He also sports a minigun and toxic grenades.

Maggie (trapper class)

Maggie's harpoon traps will anchor the monster in place so other members can blast at it like a sitting duck, but just as valuable is Maggie's unique ability – a trapjaw pet named Daisy. Daisy will track the monster, so if you can't find it follow Daisy. She can also revive hunters.

Lazarus (medic class)

Lazarus isn't as good at healing wounded hunters as the previously revealed medic Val (although Lazarus does have a healing burst that heals hunters in the vicinity). His main skill is reviving other characters from the dead. In fact, you'll get back in the action sooner if you can wait for Lazarus to revive you instead of hitting the respawn button and getting carried back in via the dropship. Lazarus also has a personal cloak to help him move around and aid his fellow hunters.

In my playtime with the game, carefully coordinating all the characters was the key to victory. This includes everyone not spamming their weapons and abilities so they're on cooldown when needed most. For instance, Maggie's harpoon traps can pin the monster for a time allowing Bucket to lay down some sentry guns or Hyde to get close to the monster to fry it with the flamethrower. The hunters' weapons and abilities are mapped to specific buttons, so it may take you a few rounds before you're comfortable with where everything is in the heat of battle.

Evolve comes out for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on October 21.

For more on the game's previously announced characters, check out the hub stories from the February cover story by clicking on the banner below.

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  • This is looking pretty awesome. :D

  • Great stuff. I hope they reveal a different monster soon.

  • I'd like to see more new stuff in favor of the Goliath. Everything I've seen of this game seems to indicate that the hunters have a major advantage.
  • I'm loving the alternate hunters and monsters that play to their strengths differently and offer a brand new experience in different levels. I can't wait to get this game

  • I can see Maggie's pet being really annoying. So if you have a good hiding spot it will find you. That would irritate me as the monster.

  • Until there's confirmation that multiple monsters will be playable day one on disc i'm waiting
  • This game will be great to play with some of my friends. I hope the monsters are able to hold their own during play as well. I'd like to switch up, and enjoy the best of both sides.

  • These characters sound like they'll be much harder to deal with as the monster.
  • lazarus... like the lazarus pits. haha, well played
  • I won't be playing this but I like the variety on hunter classes but they should reveal more about the monster classes.

  • I may have missed the article on the transition... but why are all the hunters completely different characters now?
  • So basically there gonna be on the disk but locked again by DLC?
  • I look forward to seeing footage of these new characters and the new map at E3. I imagine they will likely show off a new monster then as well. Can't wait!

  • I'm going to pre-order this one because I'm on a huge Godzilla kick right now and this looks like a cool monster slayer. Plus it's one of the few games only on new gen systems makes it that much more appealing.
  • This sounds like it will require too much coordination for the usual brand of idiot I see online. Looks really cool, but probably won't be picking this up.

  • The more I hear from this game, the more excited I get!!!!! It seems like everything I loved about Left 4 Dead "Evolved" XD

  • SHEEEEIT! I was excited when I thought it was just the 4 hunters and the one monster! Now I'm rock hard!


  • Bucket looks like he will fit my play style perfectly.

  • This game looks like so much fun, I wish they hadn't driven my business away.

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