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  • Blog Post: EverQuest Next Landmark Moves Into Closed Beta

    Today, Sony Online Entertainment announced that EverQuest Next Landmark is moving out of alpha and into closed beta. EverQuest Next Landmark takes a drastic step away from traditional MMO gameplay elements, many that were at least in part established by the original EverQuest, and moves closer to something... More
  • Blog Post: EverQuest Next Landmark Alpha Highlights Potential

    The alpha for EverQuest Next Landmark has arrived, and the NDA shields are down. The Minecrafty MMORPG that serves as a staging ground for some of the features coming later to EverQuest Next is rough around the edges at this stage, offering just a handful of a long list of features that will roll out... More
  • Blog Post: New EverQuest Next Landmark Developer Diary Shows Off Ease Of Creation

    The standalone Landmark creation tool allows players to build anything they want in the world of EverQuest Next, and the latest developer diary shows off how it easy it is to use. You can check out the video below starring lead building and UI designer Jake Sones and associate producer Eric Smith as... More
  • Blog Post: After An Hour In The Sandbox, We're Sold On The Potential Of EverQuest Next Landmark

    I have never met anyone as enthusiastic about what he does as EverQuest Next director of development Dave Georgeson. As we sat down to talk about the progress of EverQuest Next Landmark, an open world sandbox not entirely unlike Minecraft, and he was eager to get through the basics and get me into the... More
  • Blog Post: Game Director Shows Off His Construction Skills

    David Georgeson, director of development for the EverQuest franchise at Sony Online Entertainment, tweeted some new photos for EverQuest Next Landmark. The images show off a fortress that he put together with the game’s tools yesterday. EverQuest Next seeks to realize a sandbox MMO world. Its companion... More
  • Blog Post: Sony Online Entertainment Shows Off Terraforming

    Sony’s newest MMO project, EverQuest Next , was unveiled at Fan Faire over three years ago. Earlier this month we learned that EverQuest Next Landmark, a standalone companion, will allow EverQuest Next players to construct buildings and alter landscapes within the game in Minecraft-like fashion... More
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