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Ether One

Experience The Story At Your Own Pace, Difficulty

Most video games have one main story campaign, but indie developer White Paper Games is making something different. Ether One, its first game, aims to be accessible to as many gamers as possible by offering two different campaigns with varied difficulty. 

In Either One, you play as someone who can enter the minds of people, and explore or fix issues with their memories. The first path is based on exploration and experiencing the story at your own pace, and will be puzzle free. The second path will involve complex puzzles that allow you to restore the memories of important events in the patient’s history.

Ether One is currently set to launch on March 25 for PC and has been Greenlit on Steam. A Mac version and support for the Oculus Rift are currently in development as well. 

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  • Psychonauts...pls.

  • Interesting, while I enjoy pure exploration games like Dear Esther and Proteus, it will be nice to have some deeper interaction with the world. This could be one to keep an eye on.

  • I really do wish indie exploration titles such as this, and Dear Esther, and The Stanley Parable were more present on console titles. Outlast was a rare treat, but most of the time console owners aren't so lucky.

  • I don't want to seem pedantic, but there's a mistake in the second paragraph. It says Either One, and I believe that you meant Ether One.

  • At my own pace, I like that, a lot.

  • This is like the best part of the game Remember Me

  • I'm sorry but that video didn't help at all.