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  • Blog Post: Dawn Of The Dud

    The Dead Island series has shambled along an unpredictable path in recent years. It has seen the departure of the original developer Techland , a MOBA spin-off , and now a third-person action game. Like a zombie examining its own decaying face in a shattered mirror, the series just doesn't seem to... More
  • Blog Post: Escape Dead Island Plays Games With Your Mind

    The latest trailer for Deep Silver’s Escape Dead Island calls protagonist Cliff Calo’s sanity into question. As if fighting off endless zombie hordes wasn’t enough, now players have to deal with an unreliable narrator. Escape Dead Island’s third person adventure gameplay marks... More
  • Blog Post: Escape Dead Island Gets Launch Date & New Trailer

    Escape Dead Island links the two previous games in the zombie series, and it also approaches gameplay slightly different as well. Publisher Deep Silver and developer Fatshark have announced that the game hits the PS3, 360, and PC on November 18. The title still has plenty of zombies to eviscerate, but... More
  • Blog Post: Sneaking Past Zombies And Dodging Falling Shipping Containers

    Announced in the beginning of July , Escape Dead Island is a brand new game that fits into the Dead Island narrative, but has a different art style and mechanics from what we've come to understand makes a Dead Island game. Upon announcement, it was unclear exactly what Escape Dead Island was meant... More
  • Blog Post: Escape Dead Island Drops Wanton Slaughter For Third-Person Survival

    Have you ever wondered how all those lovely beach-goers on the island of Banoi came to be a little less alive in Dead Island? Deep Silver is planning on finally answering that question in a new, single-player adventure spin-off called Escape Dead Island. The story puts players in the expensive shoes... More
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