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Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion

Mixing Old And New Disney Game Design

Whether you love the old 2D Disney games of the 80s and 90s, or you became a fan with Epic Mickey, Power of Illusion is aiming to please.

We got to sit down for an extended hands-on session with the upcoming 3DS Power of Illusion game during E3, and came away impressed with the way the game is mixing old and new design and storytelling ideas. The game is firmly entrenched in the fiction established by Epic Mickey. The Castle of Illusion has fallen into the Wasteland of forgotten cartoons, and Mizrabel the Witch isn't happy about it. She's begun to capture various toons within the castle, and Mickey Mouse must come to the rescue.

Old-school players will be immediately familiar with the platforming style. Mickey isn't a fast moving platforming hero, but he does have some fun tricks at his disposal. From his trademark butt stomp to a spinning tornado-like melee attack, the character is fun to play and maneuver through the world.

Taking advantage of the capabilities of the 3DS and tapping into the storyline of the Epic Mickey universe, Mickey will come across designated areas in the game world where things can be drawn in or erased. At this point, a small diagram will appear on the bottom screen, and you have to either draw the outline of an object (to create it) or fill it in with thinner (to erase it). The mechanic results in some light puzzles that show up as the game progresses.

As you explore the game world, you'll run into various famous Disney characters, like Beast, Rapunzel, Peter Pan, and Uncle Scrooge. Once you find and rescue them from the Castle of Illusion, they'll return to your fortress and hang out in their own designated room. Between game levels, you can return to the fortress to chat with these familiar faces, get additional quests from them, and upgrade the rooms in which they live, resulting in some special rewards.

The sections of Power of Illusion that we played were certainly not challenging for experienced platform gamers, but the game has managed to do a phenomenal job of updating the classic Disney platforming experience that many fans remember. We're looking forward to seeing how later levels in the game grow in complexity when the game releases in November. 

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  • first and im not really liking the 3ds!
  • I like that the design and that this is a 2d game. I'm more excited about this one than the Power of Two.
  • I absolutely loved World of Illusion and just hope it plays something like that.
  • It looks promising... hope it lives up to that old lineage.

  • I'm confused, is Mizrabel the same as maleficent from Sleeping Beauty? Beacause that's who it looked like in the trailer.

  • mickey sounds like Michael Jackson

  • sweet memories of my childhood..i played mickey on my megadrive, then on my snes...ah childhood was fun....

  • The SNES and Genesis Mickey Mouse games were the best they've(Disney Interactive, I think) ever made IMO. The mixture of the old school gameplay with the new ones from the recent iteration should be interesting to check out when it releases. The 3DS is coming out with a lot of good games. I might just have to buckle down and pick one up eventually.
  • Nice idea, will def get this

  • Seeing some very cool looking 3DS titles coming out, happy I bought it now. Once these are out I'll have more than just Zelda and super Mario=P
  • i played the heck out of Castle of Illusion for SEGA. definitely looking forward to this.

  • I love how this looks like a GBA title.
  • Land of Illusion on Sega Gamegear was one of my favorites and a really good game. Hope this comes out on LIVE.

  • I still play Castle of Illusion on a Sega Master System emulator sometimes:) It may not be hard, but it's still so fun. I LOVE Dreamrift - Monster Tale and Henry Hatsworth are never far from my 3DS - and am glad they've been the guys tasked to bring Epic Mickey to the handheld like this. It sounds like the paint/thinner mechanic is going to be shallow and gimmicky, but that's okay, because I forgot they were going to do a Suikoden-style thing where you build up your home base and fill it with Disney characters. That was a pretty big part of the Nintendo Power exclusive on the game, and I completely forgot about it! The core platforming will be awesome, the visuals look great, and there's going to be loads of content thanks to the Suikoden fortress. I can't wait for this game! I can't believe that Disney Interactive hadn't forgotten about the Castle of Illusion games after all this time! And that, frankly, pretending it WAS forgotten to dump it in the Wasteland with all the other forgotten Disney ideas - that was just inspired. PERFECT use of the Epic Mickey fiction!
  • Sweet! another great game to have high hopes about.

  • Sounds pretty interesting. I definitely need to invest in a 3DS soon. All of these games coming out for it are making me want it more and more!

  • Not bad, def going to give it a try

  • Good idea, mixing old and new