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Beautiful New Entwined Screens Released

Following the E3 trailer and surprise release of indie title Entwined, Sony has released new screenshots and art for the unique, beautiful action-arcade game.

Entwined was one of the pleasant surprises of Sony’s E3 press conference. Even as it was being revealed for the first time, developer Pixelopus announced it would be available for purchase on the PS4’s PSN on the same day.

Entwined tells the story of two lovers, depicted abstractly as a bird and a fish, who can’t be together. The player controls each lover simultaneously with either control stick as they attempt to reunite over the course of nine lifetimes. When the two souls do unite they transform into a dragon, creating new gameplay opportunities.

Check out the E3 reveal trailer and screenshot gallery below for more on the artistic indie title. Entwined is available now for $9.99 on PS4, and will be coming to PS3 and Vita soon.  

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  • Picking this up this weekend. It's colorful. Something new and fresh in gaming, is never a bad thing. I'm intrigued by this game.

  • I got it right after Sony's conference it's fun but it's very short. Like I beat it in less than half in hour

  • I bought it but have not played it yet, but so far this looks like a very visually satisfying game.

  • Has three reviews so far, two nines and one 8.2. More interested in this now.

  • Since i purchased entwined day one and broadcast the game on twitch on my ps4 I must say this is a unique game with visuals that are outta sight. And the gameplay is very responsive and a thrill to play as well.

  • Where's the review GI??