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  • Blog Post: Enslaved: Holding Your Hand Through a Fun Story

    I just finished Enslaved and I have to say that I have a love/hate relationship with it. The talented developers at Ninja Theory had a lot of great ideas going in to this game but failed to capitalize on them with the final product. The story and characters in Enslaved are two of its biggest strengths... More
  • Blog Post: An adventure with personality.

    When I first opened my package of Psychonauts and placed it into my X-box, I was hooked. The charismatic characters, the cartoon styled slap-stick humor, the likable personalities and a game that just drew you into it's world. I was saddened by all the people whom over looked and didn't even... More
  • Blog Post: Enslaved

    New IPs are often asked for but rarely loved by consumers, always begging for something new and innovative. Does Enslaved break the boundaries set by consumers or does it get shackled down by trying to be its own idea? Gameplay Enslaved is an action-platformer and rarely does it stray away from this... More
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