The moment I heard about this game, mainly the story aspect drew me right in, it has a great plot, and has some amazing set pieces. The base of the game is that you are enslaved by a woman to help her return to her home, but this plot enlarges and takes you on a Trip to save mankind, which is why the woman's name is Trip, since she takes you on one hell of an adventure. Ultimately it becomes in a sense a love story, the collar turns into a bond between the two main characters. The gameplay is solid and the upgrade system is adequate, the platforming is smooth and easy to use, however it is fall free. The graphics are unique and truly wowed me at times, there is one particular section of the game where it is a vast exspanse of land and it lacks much scenery, and seemed to have been neglected. Other than these minor issues the story absolutely engrossed me, I played this game start to finish on normal difficulty in around 9 hours. Might I add in one sitting I enjoyed it  that much. I give the game an 8.25 it was wonderful, but It could have been so much better the  potential was there, but it wasn't used to it's fullest. 

The DLC Pigsy's Perfect Ten is another 3-4 hours but is a completely different game, It is far more tactical, it features the games other main character Pigsy and explains some plot points of the game, while providing some incite on why he does what he does when you first encounter him in the game.( quite interesting) The story isn't as interesting it is however a cute tale of Friendship. You die far easier than Monkey, ( roughly 2 hits) You must use four different gadgets to disable enemys and allow you to line up a headshot with your gun. I enjoyed this gameplay far more than the main game, it had a higher level of difficulty, and it also included some collectibles, and some humor. I give this DLC a 9.25 for solid gameplay, graphics, and story. 

Ultimately I enjoyed every second of this game, it has a greta story, and has some very funny spots of humor that may be some of the funniest I've ever encountered in a videogame, I enjoyed the game so much I played it in one day, as well as purchasing the dLC(10$) and I could still play it some more, I easily logged 20 hours of game time if not more, within just a few days. It may only have recieved Decent reviews, and under sold from what was originally projected but It is a definite if you have some cash that you got over the holidays, whether you buy it new or sued, opr even rent I strongly suggest you try it out, I also reccomend you play it on Hard, or at least Normal. Enjoy the game and have a great New Year.