I am wondering why more people are not playing this game... It takes the best game mechanics from:

God of War - Finishers and brutal beat-downs of robots instead of Greek things.
Assassin's Creed - Jumping and climbing and the ever popular jump to a ledge above you, even if it's 5 feet behind you. Impossible jumping/leaping from falling ledges.
Uncharted 2 - Having an escort the entire game to make sure she doesn't die has been done before, sure, but the dialog is still funny. Throw in a smart-ass third wheel (who's a pig) and there you go. At least the chuckles kept me going...

Granted, the platforming is straightforward - your next jump is highlighted for you, but scenery is gorgeous. This game gets the cut scenes right - when was the last time voices lined up with character lip movements? Enslaved gets it right.

I understand the low rating by the pro reviewer, but I think in terms of over all fun and enjoyment from bashing mechs and ridiculous platforming, this game is certainly worth checking out. At least rent it, it's certainly doable over a weekend. You'll be glad you did.