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  • Blog Post: Enemy Front Launch Trailer Sets World War II To A Rock Soundtrack

    Enemy Front releases while we're away at E3, so Bandai Namco and CI Games have delivered the game's launch trailer early. You can see a little of the game's story, a little of the game's action, and listen to its oddly anachronistic soundtrack. Enemy Front releases on PlayStation 3, Xbox... More
  • Blog Post: Join The Resistance In A New Trailer

    In an all-new blues-y story trailer for Enemy Front, CI Games brings us into the world of Robert Hawkins, a war correspondent battling Nazis alongside a resistance force in World War II Europe. In contrast to a more somber previous teaser trailer, the story trailer features a hail of bullets and plenty... More
  • Blog Post: New Gameplay Trailer Shows Enemy Front's Many Avenues Of Attack

    CI Games' Enemy Front, the World War II first-person shooter, has a new gameplay trailer that shows off the many way you can tackle your firefight encounters. You'll see stealth kills, sniper kills, slow-motion breaching, and clever uses of the environment to defeat your enemies. For a previous... More
  • Blog Post: CI Games Reveals New Teaser

    In 1944, 200,000 Polish citizens fell to the Nazi regime’s death march through Warsaw. The massacre lasted 63 days, ending with the destruction of the city. This event is at the center of CI Games’ Enemy Front. The Polish developer is readying a third-person sandbox shooter set during the... More
  • Blog Post: Enemy Front Moves Into Early 2013

    We reported in our Gears of War: Judgment issue of Game Informer that Enemy Front was on track to release in the latter part of 2012. At E3 we saw a little bit more of the game and learned that it has received a slight push into the early part of 2013. Our demo begins in a forested area with protagonist... More
  • Blog Post: Enemy Front’s Surprising Singular Multiplayer Mode

    We’ve already taken a healthy look at the single-player portion of Enemy Front and now Stuart Black, the creative director behind the game, has given us some insight into how multiplayer will work. In a surprising revelation for a first-person shooter with online multiplayer, the team at City Interactive... More
  • Blog Post: The True Spiritual Successor To Black

    Enemy Front opens like many World War II first-person shooters. You are running through a dilapidated city fighting enemies with swastikas emblazoned on their shoulders. It’s familiar territory, but there are enough differences to make Enemy Front worth taking a look at. Enemy Front comes from... More
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