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Enemy Front

CI Games Reveals New Teaser

In 1944, 200,000 Polish citizens fell to the Nazi regime’s death march through Warsaw. The massacre lasted 63 days, ending with the destruction of the city. This event is at the center of CI Games’ Enemy Front.

The Polish developer is readying a third-person sandbox shooter set during the Warsaw Uprising. Players will take on the role of an American war correspondent who becomes embroiled in the fighting. The game will take players to different locales in Europe, including France, Germany, Norway, and of course, Poland. This trailer is just a teaser for a longer video to be released soon.

CI Games is building Enemy Front in CryEngine 3, and CI says that the levels are more open rather than the more heavily scripted fare we see in many shooters.

Enemy Front is scheduled for release in June 2014. It will be coming to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC for $39.99. 

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  • Very good teaser!

    Toutching. Heavy and very toutching.

    I wish to see some gameplay from Warsaw Uprising. Coz only thing I saw waz from France, I suppose.

    Anyway, I have to wait till June to see the whole game. Coz there was no good WWII games for long time.

  • Definitely agree with you. I'm surprised that such a small interest. It promises to be a very interesting game, especially since no one makes games about WWII, so much they are missing. It will definitely be my :)

  • I'm very interested this new WWII shooter game. For me graphics is on hight level in gameplay. I agree with you guys it a very good teaser. I believe Enemy Front will be as good as CoD 2 or better. Warsaw Uprising is good subject for Polish developers i'm glad to see it on the teaser.

  • I have to agree with you too guys. This game looks very promissing. I suppose that realism of WWII will be on a high level. This could make the game more interesting. Rly looking forward to play Enemy Front.

  • I want to see gameplay to this game next time:)"This trailer is just a teaser for a longer video to be released soon." I hope it's truth and we don't wait too long for next video.