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Enemy Front

Enemy Front Moves Into Early 2013

We reported in our Gears of War: Judgment issue of Game Informer that Enemy Front was on track to release in the latter part of 2012. At E3 we saw a little bit more of the game and learned that it has received a slight push into the early part of 2013.

Our demo begins in a forested area with protagonist Alders driving a vehicle right into the middle of a Nazi camp. He crashes their party, exits the vehicle and begins firing on anything that will explode. He takes out a car which throws a few Nazis who are unlucky enough to be standing nearby.

The explosions really seem to be Enemy Front’s most powerful and impressive weapon. Everything that blows up seems to create an imposing mushroom cloud as it explodes and has a wide radius of destruction. In our demo, Alders spent a lot of time hiding behind cover and picking off enemies as they peeked out from behind their own, and while the guns have recognizable power behind them, nothing seems to have the same impact or destructive joy as focusing your bullets on the assorted explosive barrels and vehicles littered around the environment.

After making his way through the first group of enemies, Alders moves to a new section in the camp where he tries to play things a little quieter. He takes out a number of enemies by sneaking behind them and using his knife. Alders makes sure to scavenge what ammunition he can from fallen enemies and the assorted cabinets in the buildings as he makes his way silently through the camp. Soon enough though, he is back in all out fire fight, focusing more on the explosive elements of the environment rather than just trying to award each enemy their own collection of bullets to the chest. Clearly there are opportunities for stealth gameplay, but Enemy Front is by no means a stealth game.

Moving through the level was a direct path, but it looked like there were multiple trails to get to the ultimate goal. I asked about the possible existence of a Call of Duty follow-style marker to help players through each level, and was told that, at the moment, the developers are trying to make sure that levels are designed in such a way that players will not need to be force-fed directions.

Enemy Front has some impressive explosions, and it looks nice with the game being built on the same engine used to build Crysis 2, but it still struggles to separate itself from other World War II shooters. It’s been awhile since the video game market was flooded with shooters taking place in that era, but that doesn’t mean that we have forgotten how many there were and how nearly indistinguishable each one was from another.

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  • Hmmm... this fall sure is lackluster compared to 2011.
  • Makes no sense. You're causing massive explosions and chaos and death and noise and mayhem and then... Stealth?! I could see if you infiltrated the camp under stealth first, *then* went all out Rambo, but this confuses me.
  • This is exciting... I may be able to get it on PC by then. If not, I'll still buy it for 360, but I am so looking forward to a new WWII experience.
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  • This looks a lot like a shooter version of Company of Heroes.
  • definetly getting this and sniper ghost warrior 2. i hadn't even heard of city interactive until earlier this year

  • "it still struggles to separate itself from other World War II shooters"
    - I can't remember a one that had branching paths, copious amounts of exploding barrels or cars, and the ability to stealth execute enemies.
    "that doesn’t mean that we have forgotten how many there were and how nearly indistinguishable each one was from another."
    - Obviously we have since Call of Duty continues to break world record sales every year.
  • I agree that the game looks very good, and I definitely like the character models and art direction, but I've yet to see any actual gameplay. It sounds well enough, I have no problem playing a game that's straight "Go in and f*ck sh*t up" if the actual f*cking up of sh*t is satisfying and fun, which from what I hear is the premiere focus of this game. I don't know, I guess I'll wait for it to hit shelves and see what everyone thinks of it. But damn, why does it have to be so far away? Also, off topic (sort of, it's suppose to be coming out around the same time), what's going on with Bioshock: Infinite?
  • it looks good at least :)

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  • Last screenshot on the bottom-right: His face looks remarkably calm for a guy running from a half-dozen Nazis with guns a-blazing XD Wonder what he's thinking.
  • I have no idea why this is a WW2 shooter. Except for the fact that, perhaps, the designers are too lazy/not talented enough to create their own original universe. Which is a da mn shame. Every FPS in the late 90's was an original franchise; now everything is recycling the same war tropes. Whether it's WW2, or quote-unquote "Modern Warfare" bullsh*t. Why have developers gotten so much less original? Where's the spirit that gave us Quake, Unreal, Turok, Perfect Dark, Shogo, Hexen, Duke Nukem, and Jedi Knight?

  • i like how this articloe is stateing 2013 release but the info says its still coming out in the fall of 2012

  • This game sounds cool I will look into it.

  • I just wanted a Black sequel and I already am worried this will get  lost and just be another WWII shooter. It's good that it got pushed back so it doesn't get lost in other games. I really want this game to be good.

  • "and how nearly indistinguishable each one was from another."

    Like nowadays with all the shoddy modern warfare shooters. Same ***, different time. I'd happily see some more WW2 shooters again, for a change of pace.

  • Since their are like a million new war games coming out or recently came out I hope this one has something that will make it very different than all the others!

  • Let's hope they bring something new to the table. Let me rephrase that, I hope they bring something different to the table.

  • This looks cool, but whatever happened to Furious Four?

  • I'm really excited to get this game. I have always been a fan of real war shooters, especially WWII. I'd love to see a WWI game.

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