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Alpha 3.0 Brings About Space Docking And Ship Outfitting

Elite: Dangerous, the gorgeous looking space ship game from Frontier Developments, has entered Alpha 3.0. Now that combat has been successfully tested in previous alpha stages, Alpha 3.0 allows Kickstarter backers and those who have bought the game at the alpha stage to try out docking, “an early version of hyperspace jumps between multiple locations,” and ship outfitting.

Upgrading the ship can be done with a variety of weapon upgrades, along with modules such as heat sinks and cargo scanners. Players can also repair the ship which makes combat a risk/reward proposition, since repairs are cheaper than buying a new ship. Thus, players will need to make split second decisions on when pull back from battle. 

Of course, all of this means nothing to you if you haven’t joined the alpha or backed the game, so here is a video about docking that lets us know that the future can even make parking seem cool.

Players can join the Alpha now by visiting the Elite: Dangerous store at  Joining the Alpha now also gives players automatic access to all major downloadable expansion packs after the game’s release. Elite: Dangerous does not have a set release date but is expected to be released later in 2014. 

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  • I'm just waiting for the Beta now, can't wait.

  • I nerded so hard just now.

  • Space, the final frontier.

  • Space, the final... damn it. ^
  • Space, the final $300 frontier. Yep, that's right. I'll wait until Beta, thank you very much.

  • I...really want to try this now, actually.
  • lookup space docking on urban dictionary..I dare ya!

  • David Braben I love you!!!!!!!!!

  • Man, federal docking ports don't f*** around!
  • I've watched a game play video and wasn't really a fan of the combat. It's early though... but all I was seeing was a ship chasing another ship in cockpit view and nothing else. Although it was impressive. Seeing this docking video is actually quite cool! :) Except for the voice is slightly annoying, but the instructions are nice to learn the procedure. It's not that complicated, but adds that level of depth to make me want to check out the pricing. Unfortunately £200.00 is currently out of my price range, what you get for seems like a deal at first... But I also have to convert that to Canadian which would be roughly $370 CAD. Ouch! Even the beta pack they're asking £100.00 (not including the expansion pack) which I'm still looking at $185. I am definitely going to keep my eye on this though for when it releases. (And I sure wish my paragraphs would show up in my comment!!)
  • I might wait until the official release date. I'm putting most of my money into Star Citizen.

  • This look like a really cool game i like the idea and all the details they put in to it. But i really really want this for consoles.