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El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron

El Shaddai Ascends To Consoles In July

Ignition floods us with a new gameplay trailer and screenshots in celebration of the North American release date announcement.

For those of you unfamiliar with the title, this pseudo-religious platforming adventure takes its inspiration from the Book of Enoch, an ancient Hebrew scripture unrecognized in the Torah or Old Testament. The protagonist is the great grandfather of Noah, Enoch, who must reclaim the souls of seven fallen angels to keep the world from being ravaged by a flood. In this new trailer we meet Uriel, one of four Archangels who watches over Enoch.

El Shaddai: Ascension of Metatron is coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on July 26. Check out the new screenshots below.

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  • "It's as if Lady Gaga made a video game" Lol, pretty much. Not sure what to think about this one: original premise, great art style, and interesting gameplay, but not too sure about the story or the voice acting and animation.

  • This game seems like one big acid trip. Looks fun though.

  • Ugh. I had no idea this was coming out so soon. I don't know where I'm gonna find the money but it is going to take some absolutely abysmal reviews to convince me not to pick this up on day one.

  • Going head to head with Catherine? We'll see how that goes.

  • The developers were definitely on acid or something when they made this lol

  • what! the same day as catherine >.< theres another game i got to reserve, i already got duke nukem, shadows of the damned and catherine reserved but i still need to reserve rage, dead island, deus ex, batman,skyrim, and there's still all the HD remakes coming out, (i dont know if im going to reserve saints row 3 yet) oh well... il fine a way

  • "looks like the video game Lady GaGa made" lol.

  • i dont know where the hell i will find the money to get this -_-

  • doesn't look bad  i'll wait for a review on this one tho

  • Whoah same day as Catherine and a DVD I want. Sweet!

    Also I never thought I'd hear the phrase "its as if Lady Gaga were to make a video game!" in a preview video before. Hah!
  • Ha! I knew it! It would come out in summer!

  • Mod

    This is one of those game that I honestly didn't pay much attention to when it was first announced, but it's quickly rising up on my radar. Now that it's coming out in July (and that I'm not too interested in Catherine, shocking right?), I'm going to give this game a shot. It's too unique not to.

  • let hope more news will be at E3

  • looks wierd

  • Oh god this looks amazing. Can't wait. The art direction and gamepaly look so unique.

    Ugh, this is the stuff that should be coming out of Japan. And constantly. Beautiful, ambitious titles that attempt things that haven 't been attempted before. Not generic JRPGS that cling to the norms and standards that have been used for the last decade. With their bland plots and underdeveloped characters. Hopefully this will show Japan that their is a market for innovation.

  • A very visually striking game.  I remember the first trailer so I don't expect much from the story, but the action looks fantastic.

  • > It's as if Lady Gaga mad a video-game

    What? I don't... what?

    Although if that existed, I would probably be interested.

  • This game looks absolutely incredible. I can't even count how many art and gameplay styles I just saw. I'm quite excited for this one.

  • Anyone else see the MAD video on Know Your Meme that makes fun of this?

  • Hah, Lady Gaga! Regardless, this game looks worthwhile.  I'll definitely be checking it out later this year.

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