While the Single player is fun to play(and can be completed in a day) the real fun of the game is the co-op.

With simple controls anyone can jump in and start playing. This is one of the best couch co-op games there has been in a while and it's just about fun. The objectives are repetitive but as long as you enjoy mowing down endless waves of mutated bugs, then this is the game for you. Not much in the way of story, but then again this game is all about shooting bugs, if you want a fun co-op afternoon I would highly recommend this game. The cheap price tag also warrants a look at the game for those hesitant about it. 

Concept: Shoot bugs(a lot) while completing monotonous objectives in the same looking environment.

Graphics: B-grade charm, nice explosion effects and decent looking vehicles.

Sound: Nothing to brag about, the one liners by the soldiers will be remembered forever, for better or for worse.

Playability: Extremely easy to pick and play, some depth with weapon and class selection.

Entertainment: Fun for everyone, has a great charm and easy to see why it's a cult classic.

Replay: Very High