Its almost as if this game was released early deliberately after a member of Ubisoft stated here   




Visually stunning, graphically enthralling, and down right frenzied;  EDF:  Insect Armageddon is one of the fastest paced, and down right beautiful games I've played to date.    EDFIA from the beginning starts off with you hot dropped into the middle of an enormous horde of blood-thirsty  giant ants,whos single minded purpose is simple.  Eat you.  You proceed to force your way through hundreds... no... mill... no no... Jillions of the bloody suckers until you come to an end in the first level fighting an enormous robot, known as a Hector, which loosely looks like it belongs in War of the Worlds.


 Now...  I'm going to say right here and now... the AI of EDFIA, is laughable.  The AI controlled teammates  will shoot at you attempting to get mobs on the opposite side of you, even if you're in a tank, even if you're on foot, even if they're holding a rocket launcher, even if you're about to die.  However, fear not!  If they kill you, they'll rez you with love and soon you'll forget about getting downed and go back to hammering the insectoid invaders, that have come to take their bittersweet vengeance upon me for burning their kin alive with a magnifying glass as a child.


The battles only get bigger...

Giant ants, and robots not enough?  What about giant ticks?  Giant Spiders?  What about a giant mutated tick-spider that spews exploding ticks at random?  Or maybe a massive Mecha-Mantis that looks like its straight out of Godzilla?  Mecha-ants?  A MASSIVE FRIGGING DADDY LONG LEGS.


Now, understand that if you dont like fast action games, this one probably isnt for you.  Also if you're squeamish towards bugs, then yes stay away.  If you're like me, and have been looking for a good replacement game similar to gauntlet, this is your go to game.  Games dont always need to be smart to be fun, sometimes its all about the pace to make a game a sheer delight to play.   If it plays good, if it looks good, and if it sounds good, it'll get my attention, along with hundreds of other players.


Graphics:  the sheer masterwork that is the creepy crawlies that infest New Detroit is breathtaking, while not so much the back drop, or city, but, you can level that if you dont much care for it.  Yep everything... EVERYTHING is destructible, aside from the ground you're standing on.  The way they move, fly and attack just makes me flinch, seeing a massive wasp fly in and sting at me.  Regretfully, the 300+ guns don't differentiate too much from their pre-determined sub groups aside from a different color bullet, or effect.


GUI and other interfaces:  Simplistic and manageable, they don't consume too much space, and feel very retro.  The shop screen where you purchase new weapons and adjust your four armor sets are easy to navigate.


Sounds voice overs and other audio :  I found myself chuckling at the voice overs, as "Intel" and "Ops" nag at one another.  "Intel" is an overly done voice, which sounds like Duke straight out of the original Gi Joe cartoon with brilliant intel such as "Just keep shooting."  

"Ops" will often react frustrated, in the same manner you likely would, with a "Really?!"


The gun sound effects are also a fond memory of Saturday morning cartoons. 



Multiplayer:  While I haven't played multiplayer, I can only speculate how enthralling it is, couch co-op or otherwise.  With such simplistic game mechanics, and ease to play, this game will likely launch hundreds of individuals into the multiplayer multiverse of their consoles.


AI:  Yea... if intelligent computer counterparts are what you're looking for in this game, you may want to look elsewhere.  If tactically advanced enemies who try to flank you is what you're looking for... you wont find it here.  But, it works for this game.  The insect intelligence while lacking, does behave much like a threatened insect would, in swarms that black out the sun.  Some of the Robots do the same, but the Hectors seem smarter, guarding their weak points when they absorb too much damage, retreating, often through a building, to create the illusion of intelligence.  While not smart, there is a lot going on in this game all at once to make you feel like you need eyes on every side of your head.

Content and replay value:  While seemingly short, there doesn't appear to be much replay value in this game.  However, you will find yourself playing it over and over and over again until it's sucked every last ounce of your soul out, or until you've unlocked all equipment for all four armors (that's 300 guns).



In closing, EDFIA while not smart, is mad frenzied fun.  Honestly, thats what a lot of games feel to lack in this age, is the simplistic effigy of fun.  Entertaining as they are, I'd rather sit down and play a game, than watch one.