I never played EDF: 2017. In fact, I had hardly heard anything about it until I started seeing previews for Insect Armageddon. I regret not checking 2017 out. My time with EDF: IA has been an absolute blast thus far. Like the 'best' B-movies, EDF: IA is playful, over the top, and completely hilarious.

Essentially, EDF is a mindless romp through New Detroit. The 'missions' basically consist of following a waypoint as the game throws endless waves of bugs and robots to stop you. The gameplay is simple, repetitive, and downright fun. The sheer scale of some of the enemies and amount of crap going on on-screen will keep you glued to your controller through the entirety of the campaign.

Co-op and multiplayer make a great addition to the campaign and greatly extend the replay value of the game. Jumping in and blasting your way through the city with two other friends is a riot. For more chaotic multiplayer, the game also offers a six-player survival mode, in which you have to survive endless waves of bugs. The scale carries over from the campaign and I have yet to be bored. Coop will prove to be a major timesink.

I have a few gripes with EDF, however. The active reload seems to be a little sketchy at times, as it seemingly fails to register my button presses. Additionally, the inability to choose your class during survival mode or gain experience is a real bummer, so there's no real reason to play extended sessions other than to see how far you can go. The campaign is a tad short, and it relies on multiple playthroughs on higher difficulties. I also wish Vicious Cycle had included a free-roam style of play, in which I could wander the city and blow crap up to my heart's content.

When everything's said and done, however, EDF is still an absolute blast. It has quickly become my favorite guilty pleasure. If you're looking for an arcade shooter that assaults you with thousands of enemies and mindless run and gun gameplay, then this is your holy grail. Consider me a fan.