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Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon

Insect Armageddon's Bonus Weapons In Action

Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon will contain over 300 weapons for players to use in the war against aggressors from outer space. But what if that isn't enough? Publisher D3 has detailed the extra weapons players can receive as bonuses for pre-ordering.

Gamers who pick up the game through GameStop will get access to weapons designed for the Battle Armor suit, like a five-spread rocket launcher. By pre-ordering through Best Buy, you'll get weapons geared for the Jet Armor, like an electric flamethrower. Regardless of which route you take, Insect Armageddon is pretty much guaranteed to deliver the ridiculous explosions and B-movie vibe of its predecessor, Earth Defense Force 2017.

To see the new weapons doing their thing, check out the screens below and the videos on the PlayStation Blog. Otherwise, you can learn more about EDF's local co-op or watch a trailer while you wait for the July 5 release date.

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  • Staff
    EDF! EDF!
  • Is it at all sad that my excitement for this game is right up there with Mass Effect 3 and Skyrim?
  • I like their getup, the big ol' boots and wing stabilized jetpacks.

  • Meh... The original was a piece of ***... 300 weapons? More like 300 palatte swaps...
  • I am a fan of pre-order bonuses, but I hope the content is not glitched. Had that problem with Dragon Age 2, my exiled price dlc has a glitch where the objective will not update despite doing the requirements.

  • Looks like I'll be getting the electric flamethrower

  • Looks very fun, but I haven't decided if I should put it on my "games to get list" quite yet.
  • I already pre ordered this through Gamestop, I can not wait to play this game! I still can't get enough of the first one lol.

  • You can never go wrong with explosions! Oh, wait... that's right. Nevermind *cough* Michael Bay *cough*. I am actually pretty excited about this title, the first one was loads of fun

  • As long as this game doesn't recycle the same 6 environments 50 times over (like the 1st one) then I will definitely pick it up. I actually traded in the first one after I beat it, something I RARELY do. It just lost it's appeal after 2 1/2 hours for me

  • cool