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Earth Defense Force 2025

New EDF 2025 Trailer Teases More Insect Extermination

If you couldn't care less about plot and would rather spend your time racking up insect and robot kill counts, Earth Defense Force is the series for you. The latest entry in the tongue-in-cheek franchise jumps eight years into the future, when those pesky bugs return yet again. You would think they would learn by now, but bugs have never been known for their intellectual acumen.

Watch the EDF take it to the insects below, and be sure to page through the gallery of new screenshots as well.

Earth Defense Force 2025 releases on February 18 for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. To learn more about the game, read our Q&A with director Takehiro Homma and producer Nobuyuki Okajima here.

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  • February 18? 'Tis a great day. Anyway, the game looks good. I really liked the first one, but I was disappointed with Armageddon.
  • If you could NOT care less.

  • 2017 was a blast, Insect Armageddon was okay, but this looks FREAKIN' AMAZING!!!

  • Yes, yes, yes! This new EDF games looks great.

  • Again, it looks great, can't wait to play it, it will probably be more fun than any AAA game released this year, yadda yadda, just stop taunting me with all this news about it!

  • Looks awesome, a true successor to 2017. Can't wait!

  • Rated M?!?!??!
  • Hopefully soon earth defense for PS Vita will make it's way to IGC. I want to play that looks like a great game.

  • I played edf 2017 but couldn't get through the first level after it bugged out. For some reason the mission didn't end when I killed everything, and I checked the entire map for anything.

  • I don't like how people are focusing purely on the insect-part of EDF now, after Vicious Cycle's "Insect Armageddon". That game got criticized for having too narrow a focus! Look at this trailer! Give Sandlot's EDF more credit; it's got UFOs. It's got giant robots. It's got Kaiju Monsters. It's got way more than just giant ants and spiders.

    Vicious Cycle, if you're making the next EDF after this, you BEST not limit yourselves just to Insects again. And Sandlot, I hope yours plays as well as Vicious Cycle's game... D3; just throw both studio at one game in the future. That would be the best!

    EDF! EDF! EDF!

  • Awesome

  • You think it'll be splitscreen?

  • What the hell? Why is it M rated? Dammit, I wanted to play this with my kid like the previous titles.

  • DAY 1 PURCHASE!!!!

  • Man this game looks like alot of fun, never heard of the series before, wish it was for PS4 though cuz ever since I got my PS4 I have had no motivation to power up my PS3

  • I'm so excited for this!!