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Earth Defense Force 2025

New Earth Defense Force 2025 Trailer Is Amazing

D3Publisher has released a new trailer for the upcoming EDF sequel, and it's full of all the campy action the series is known for.

I haven't played any of the previous Earth Defense Force games, but after seeing the trailer for EDF 2025, I'm definitely going to. The video shows off all varieties of gigantic insects getting blasted to pieces and eating soldiers, while English subtitles attempt to make sense of the Japanese dialogue. Also, there's a flying woman with some kind of magic crossbow. Consider this one an early game-of-the-year contender.

Earth Defense Force 2025 is set to come out at an undisclosed time later this year for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. See more of the game in these early screenshots from late last year.

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  • I'm beyond excited for this!! The minute this gets a launch date I'm pre ordering. EDF has & always will be one of if not my favorite series ever played. I've played every EDF game & EDF 2017 ranks as one of my favorite games EVER. They don't take themselves seriously, the weapons are always stupidly fun & amazing, the fact that you can destroy the entire city you're trying to save always makes me laugh, the cheesy one liners don't stop, the co op. All of it is pure B movie heaven.
  • **BRAAAHHHH**. I only saw two classes. We all know flying > walking. Everybody is going to play that flying chick.

  • Very nice.

  • Is it me, or did that kind of look like a ZOE game?

  • Is it me, or did that kind of look like a ZOE game?

  • I loved every frame of this trailer.

  • this game looks like it might be fun but that trailer was terrible!

  • Now that's a good trailer! EDF is such a fun series.

  • Never tried any of the other Earth Defense Force games, but that might have to change...

  • IA was a bust, hopefully this is more like 2017, or the ones that didn't make it to western audiences. EDF EDF EDF!

  • oh! looks awesome!

  • The Japanese dialogue is always so cheesy! lol
  • I can't wait for this, but I wish they'd put it on the Wii U.  I still regularly play the other two EDF games on the Xbox 360, and I want to be able to do that with this one.  Frankly, I'm not expecting the Xbox 360 to get used much over the next year or so.

  • ... huwaht?

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  • Why is there a flying-robot-fairy girl?
  • I think that was the best trailer for a game I have seen in a while. Just because it made me laugh.

  • "Consider this one an early game-of-the-year contender."

    Eh! whut? this game looks pretty damm *** if you ask me.

  • :O :D

  • Oh Mr. Machiafava. You're missing out! EDF is the pinnacle of dumb fun. Perhaps the purest modern day analog to Contra and Gunstar Heroes and Metal Slug. It's just shooting, and the shooting is awfully rewarding.

    The previous best PLAYING EDF game was the US-developed Insect Armageddon. But I doubt anyone would actually say it's the best EDF game. It sort of misses the point, limiting the threats just to insects - heck, it only takes place in Detroit. That's just stupid - they're the EARTH Defense Force, not the Detroit Defense Force. *sigh* The first EDF for 360 is probably more beloved, because - while it's way jankier - it's much more crazy. Giant mother ship UFO's, Godzilla monsters, robots AND insects attack cities all over the world. Generic cities, but at least they're not Detroit. It's a blast; they both are. Especially in Co-op.

    Play some. Then you'll REALLY be looking forward to this one! The only thing they really need to add are rideable giant robots; EDF equivalents to Gundams, Evas, or Jagers, if you will.