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Earth Defense Force 2025

New Earth Defense Force 2025 Trailer Is Amazing

D3Publisher has released a new trailer for the upcoming EDF sequel, and it's full of all the campy action the series is known for.

I haven't played any of the previous Earth Defense Force games, but after seeing the trailer for EDF 2025, I'm definitely going to. The video shows off all varieties of gigantic insects getting blasted to pieces and eating soldiers, while English subtitles attempt to make sense of the Japanese dialogue. Also, there's a flying woman with some kind of magic crossbow. Consider this one an early game-of-the-year contender.

Earth Defense Force 2025 is set to come out at an undisclosed time later this year for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. See more of the game in these early screenshots from late last year.

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  • It does look amazing! I wish it was for Wii U.
  • It looks so AWESOME!!! I just hope its as good, or better, than 2017. I wonder if it still has CO OP splitscreen?
  • I honestly don't know what I just saw. But I like it.
  • EDF! EDF! EDF! EDF: Insect Armageddon was great. As much as it pains me to say it, this actually looks worse.
  • God, I love video games that remember that they're video games. Too many games take themselves way too seriously. EDF is the answer to those games.
  • Oh man, this looks great! 2017 is still one of my favorite games to break out.

    GI, how come you're not showing the new trailer for Tearaway?


  • it looks so dated!
  • I may just have to get into this.

  • i hope this is a ps1 exclusive!
  • How could you have not played EDF 2017? I don't...I can't even...Is that even possible? My whole world has been turned upside down. Nothing is right. Bananas.
  • It looks interesting, but I'm not sure I could warrant spending money on something that I'd get bored of after a few hours. The seeming lack of story or character development, or anything other than 'Shoot giant bugs,' would just get repetitive far too quickly I feel.
  • Mod

    The ant in the pic wants to bite his butt.

  • This looks like fun despite what appear to be very dated graphics. Bring this to the Wii-U please D3.

  • YES!! Bring it on, bugs!!  EDF!! EDF!! EDF!!

  • "You Giant Creature!"

  • Poor Japan, first Godzilla and now these giant bugs. . .

  • "Attack the beastly creatures"

  • This... this just looks really stupid.  Like Tokyo Jungle stupid.

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