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Earth Defense Force 2025

Earth Defense Force 2025 Coming Next Year

The next entry in the Earth Defense Force series is set for release next year on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

D3Publisher passed along a few screens, but not a lot is known about the game. It will have new weapons and vehicles, more levels than any of the previous games in the series, and four-player multiplayer for the first time in the series.

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  • no thanks

  • Is it weird that this is now my most anticipated game of 2013?
  • i think im gonna skip this game.... like the other EDF games.. its not me.

  • I've got to agree with GunslingerD7: IA's loadout system should not only be retained, but improved upon.  In this vein I would suggest armor patterns (in addition to colors) and taking a page from Torchlight 2 and giving each class male and female models (the EDF is an equal-opportunity outfit, and this should preempt some arguments).

    Four-player co-op is welcome (IA is the only game I can recall with an odd-number co-op ceiling).

  • Excellent. Insect Armageddon was actually a ton of fun.

  • Can't wait until 2025, when we can say that it looks totally unrealistic, lol.

  • Can't wait! Hopefully this one takes a page from Insect Armageddon's book...

  • Awesomesauce! Can't Wait!  

  • I remember the first one was like playing a very cheap game, but had tons of fun playing it. Can't wait to play the third one.

  • Never played the other two, but very interested. Most reviews and gamers say how cheesy they are, but a riot to play. I'm kind of having a hard time finding 2017. Which one do you guys think is mo betta, or does it not matta?
  • This definitely excites me!

  • Wait 'till you get a load of this imagery:
  • I always loved the corny sense of this game. Looking forward to this.