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Earth Defense Force 2025

Earth Defense Force 2025 Coming Next Year

The next entry in the Earth Defense Force series is set for release next year on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

D3Publisher passed along a few screens, but not a lot is known about the game. It will have new weapons and vehicles, more levels than any of the previous games in the series, and four-player multiplayer for the first time in the series.

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  • I hope they make it for the Wii U.
  • Please be better then Insect Armageddon. Wait it says 4 player, does that mean split screen?
  • They better put this on the Wii U
  • Hope it's better than IA.
  • COOL!!

  • I absolutely adore these games, I'm such a sucker for these types of games.

  • So it's a 3rd person shooter like the previous games?

  • Let's hope it's an improvement from Insect Armageddon.
  • wow. looking forward to this.

  • Awesome, the screenshots look promising.

  • I hope its more like the first one i missed the giant kaiju styled monsters lol

  • EDF! EDF! EDF!

  • 2025? Black Ops 2 says otherwise...

  • Yessss. This is what makes couch co op worthwhile for me.

  • Didn't we already beat the Earth Defense Force in all of those Red Faction game? Or are these prequels? ;)
  • Yes!! Love EDF. Glad to see we're getting the lady's flight armor back. Looks like the GIANT spiders are back, too!

  • YES!! I'm so excited!! I hope it's more like EDF 2017 then EDF Insect Armageddon. IA was great & all but they need to bring back the over 50+ levels & the ability to go anywhere you please in the city & destroy anything you want. In fact just keep 2017's formula but add IA's armor loadouts & I'd be so incredibly happy. Happy to see my favorite series continue.
  • And once again Wii U gets burned! lol


  • Insect Armageddon introduced a ton of awesome features I'd love to see them flesh out, including a reason I'd ever want to play as someone besides the jetpack guy.

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