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See More Bruce Lee In EA Sports UFC

Bruce Lee is a playable fighter in the upcoming EA Sports UFC, and a new video details his legacy and showcases more of the fighter in action.

Lee can be unlocked in the game by beating it on the pro difficulty. He can also be unlocked by pre-ordering the game. The latter option lets you play as Lee immediately.

When Lee's inclusion in the game was announced, his daughter, who is also CEO of Bruce Lee, LLC and Chairperson of the Bruce Lee Foundation, said, "“I’m thrilled that fans can now interact with him in a new way. The EA Sports UFC development team has been incredible to work with, and they've done a great job capturing the look and feel of my father."

You can check out the video highlighting Lee below.

For more on EA sports UFC, head here. The game is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on June 17.

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  • I feel like he will be way over used. I mean its freakin Bruce Lee!!!
  • What? No "ooooooOOOOO-WATTOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!!"? No facial expression whatsoever? This is not the Bruce Lee I am looking for. This is:
  • It's silly to make a tier list before a game even comes out, but... Lee's SS tier :)
  • If they took out all the insincere brown nosing this would have been a great trailer. I like the flashbacks and the music. Last UFC game played was 10 and it was great, surprisingly. I might get this one day as long as Bruce isn't DLC. That'd be a little disrespectful if he were DLC.
  • I tell ya what, that off the cage kick anthony pettis did is still the best kick I have ever seen. This is really awesome but also makes me sad because he is no longer with us :(
  • Don't need words to serve ya. I'mma just say WATAAW!

  • Chuck Norris should be in the game so we can recreate Way of the Dragon in the Octagon.
  • Crotch wrinkles are never symmetrical

  • Bruce Lee wasn't the one who first inspired me to take up martial arts (the honor goes to Ryo Hazuki of Shenmue fame) but he quickly became one of my biggest role models when I was a teenager and has remained as one ever since. His philosophies towards not only martial arts but just living life in general were decades ahead of their time and, as you can see in his movies and what little archival footage of him there is, his fighting prowess was legendary.

    Words can't even express how sad it is that he was taken from this world while in the prime of his life. Considering how much he accomplished back when he was alive, one can only imagine what he could have done, and would no doubt still be doing, if he was still alive today.

    Also Kyle, you forgot to add a link into "For more on EA sports UFC, head here."

  • I can already tell Bruce Lee will be way too clumsy in this game. Bruce Lee's style of fighting was way too elegant to be portrayed accurately in a UFC game.
  • I think that this whole Bruce Lee thing is stupid and a waste of time, they could add other actual fighters instead.
  • Bruce Lee is THE MAN! Enough said!

  • Sounds fun.

  • Way overpowered, just like in real life.

  • there right, his image is soooo powerfull. i always wonder how his exwife must feel these days seeing him brought to life more and more.

  • Honestly, he would look so much better if he had bigger lats like he did in real life

  • If Lee were still with us, he'd destroy every single one of those people in the octagon!!!

  • Mod

    This is going to break the game. I suspect multiple patches will be made so that: a) Bruce Lee will not move faster than the camera; b) knock people several feet from him with the one inch punch; c) not get mad and break someone's ribs with a single kick.

  • Bruce Lee with only 4 pack abs lol.

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