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New "Feel the Fight" Trailer Showcases EA Sports UFC's Realism

In a new trailer, we get a deeper look at the fighting mechanics and realistic animation of EA's upcoming UFC game.

The trailer also details how the game calculates the fighter's endurance stamina and how that factors into their in-ring performance.

  • I think this game will be great.

  • it looks really nice.

  • Never played a UFC game. But this looks kinda cool. I'm not sold on it but I'll see the reviews and think on it.

  • Wow this game looks great! I can't wait to lay down some hurtin with Big Country.
  • I'd love to see some more realistic animations in other fighting games, not just this one. I enjoy the ring fighting, but out of ring with some Street Fighter style powers would be cool.

  • So his head's going to bounce off the canvas differently every time I knock out Anderson Silva? Sweet.
  • Wow. This looks really good. This may get me back into fighting games

  • If it's coming out so soon, I'm surprised we haven't seen more with it looking so good. (It looks really good...)

  • Sweet Science is better
  • visuals look good but why is this not a new fight night game? boxing is way better and the control system for fight night was one of the best in all sport sims.
  • Game looks great, but coming from EA still worried about gameplay

  • EA hasnt had a good reputation when it comes to games for the XboxOne. With Battlefield 4 and Fifa14 being a complete server disaster. One can only picture how this one will turn out.

  • They react like stretch armstrong rubber. They don't look right.

    So far not impressed with differences between this and last gen.

  • i wanna see hi def ronda rousey