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EA Sports UFC

EA Delivers A New Look Inside The Octagon

Ever since EA took over the UFC license from THQ, fans of the sport have been wondering if EA would be able to turn around its MMA offering. We’re getting closer to the spring 2014 release of EA Sports UFC, and the publisher is giving us a look at how its bringing the fighters into the game.

In this video, you’ll hear from EA Sports UFC creative director Brian Hayes about how his team is capturing the personality of UFC’s roster. Facial capture, warmups, and stances are all being integrated into the final product. You can read up on EA Sports UFC in a recent interview with Hayes.

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  • As long as they don't give it the crappy control scheme from EA MMA, I'll be happy. Hail Chael!
  • Facial animations and movement look good but it is all undermined by the plastic-looking skin.

  • Flyweights!!!!

  • Dat face.

  • I reallyyy, reallyyy hope this game is good. (Fingers crossed)

  • Hopefully the game turns out well.

  • The characters look really good, I really want to try this out. Forrest Griffin for the win.

  • This looks really good. I'm guessing Madden looks like last-gen because they didn't take the amount of time as they are with this game.

  • im really excited for this, EA has been showing alot of visuals of this and it looks beautiful. i was a big fan of EA MMA but it needed fighters and im happy to see that EA and UFC have finally teamed up.

  • If they can make this good I'm on board.

  • Those graphics thou

  • i wish this were fight night... boxing makes a way better video game, and is just a way better sport in general.

  • the faces look pretty good. I just hope they're focusing on the overall controls and feel of the game also.. not just the prettiness. hope we don't end up with another Ryse: son of sparta where the game is beautiful.. but the game just doesn't deliver as much as wanted.

    Maybe i'm just skeptical because of the last iterations of MMA games.