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EA Sports UFC

EA Shows Off Jon Jones Model

EA recently acquired the UFC licence from THQ, and it's version of the sport just hit alpha, so we're finally starting to get a look at what the game's roster of nearly 100 fighters will look like in the final game.

Over the next few months EA will reveal which fighters will be in the game and what their in-game character models will look like. Here are some shots of Jon Jones, the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion who will appear on the cover of EA Sports UFC's box art.

Read our impressions from E3 for more details on EA Sports UFC.

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  • This looks great. I can't wait for a gameplay trailer to be released. I'm really happy EA finally got ahold of the UFC license.
  • They did a good job on the character model of bones jones, looking forward to seeing the rest of the fighters. Game looks good already.

  • Would be fun to get this game to knock him out repeatedly.
  • Looks crazy real man! Might have to pick this up when it drops.

  • Just going from the one full-torso still, he looks more bulky, less Bones-y here. The ratio of his torso bulk to arm-length (reach) seems off.
  • Martian Manhunter's joining UFC--oh, right. Silly me. :P
  • Eesh, looks a little too real in some ways.

  • Only thing I'm looking for out of an EA UFC game... To not get immediately destroyed by the one submission guy every time
  • Martian Manhunter joke
  • Hard to believe this character model comes from the same engine powering the mediocre looking NBA LIVE 14 and MADDEN 25.
  • But NBA Live and Madden 25 models cant look like this?

  • That looks really good.

  • saw the madden shots, was excited. played madden, was less excited. bring the gameplay!

  • Please don't be garbage like EA MMA .....and Madden 25.....and NBA Live 14 ...dammit my hopes for this game are becoming more abysmal as I think about it.

  • It's still all about gameplay and as of late EA has not come through, so gonna have to wait and see on this one

  • That's really impressive modeling.

  • So...Ill ask again. Do we get to shower with eachother Post fight?

  • There is a video on Youtube that shows a little bit of gameplay from last year at E3 I believe, and even they way the fighters move is completely amazing. Can't wait for this game.

  • I loved EA Fight Night and it greatly disappoints me to see EA go the UFC route. Hopefully we see a new Fight Night for the next-gen soon but I highly doubt it. Its especially diappointing because Boxing has had an epic year this year and the UFC has dwindled. Plus Fight Night was just so damn great.

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