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Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Gets Reborn On PlayStation 3 This Summer

The popular Dynasty Warriors spin-off, Dynasty Warriors: Gundam, is returning to PlayStation 3 this summer with a the subtitle Reborn.

The original Dynasty Warriors: Gundam released in 2007 and was successful enough to spawn two sequels. According to a press release for the game, Reborn features the largest collection of pilots and mechs the series has seen to date, and give players the opportunity to control the gigantic Mobile Armor units featured in the show for the first time.

The game will be available exclusively on PlayStation 3 this summer and will allow for online and offline split-screen co-op.

You can check out a collection of screens from the game in the gallery below. You can also check out the full press release announcement for the game on page two.

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  • I wish this was on Xbox 360 :/
  • Mod
    Wow! The number of localization news are so dang high, owning a Vita and PS3 (3DS will come soon. Don't worry 3DS, I'll get you) is really satisfying, whether it's digital or physical. Now, I am curious if Bamco would also localize Extreme VS.. Too much to ask, but the game looks fun.
  • Whoa... that looks epic. Speaking of Dynasty Warriors spinoffs... I hope we get more info on Hyrule Warriors soon!

  • I wish they would release some of the better Gundam games in other areas than Japan again. Operation Troy got cancelled and then PS3 got this awesome looking multiplayer only gundam game. It's disappointing that the last good Gundam game we got here was on PS2.

  • Gun Damn, dis is cool!
  • Wish this would be cross-gen! :( I'm getting a PS4, not a PS3 :/

  • This will be my second most anticipated mech/robot game with Titanfall at #1 and Rise of the Dark Spark(I'm guessing Unicron or Galvatron) at #3. GET HYPED MECH FANS!!
  • I would like to watch on Anime or reading on Manga first, before I play this game.
  • The inclusion of the mobile suits from gundam Unicorn has turned this into a day one purchase for me. Seriously that series has the best suits out of any of them and they are definitely my favorite.

  • The first one was one of my first 360 games, have not regretted buying the other two. Good thing I recently picked up a PS3. I suppose it would be too much to ask for the Endless Waltz Gundam designs.
  • SOLD!

  • Always wanted to get one of the games in the series. Good thing I waited

  • awesome!

  • oh hell yeah. i missed out on the others but i will definitely be checking this out.

  • This looks great running on PS3. At least from the pictures shown. I'll have to pick this up on release. I love the Gundam series. :)

  • I hope this will be 4 player co-op again.

  • I've been putting off importing this. I enjoyed the first 3, but I haven't really felt like paying $90 for this one. Just hoping they remember the Japanese voices (they left them out in 2, which is why I imported that one). I'll also cross my fingers for having the actual Gundam music, but that's not likely.

    Also, this one gives you the ability to pilot mobile armors, but they still haven't included Gundam 0083?!!

  • I think the only Gundam game I played was the terrible one that launched with the PS3.

  • I wish they should't change to reborn it should say is "Dynasty Warrior Gundam 4"