Here's The First Gameplay Footage Of The First New-Gen Dynasty Warriors - Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition - PlayStation 4 -
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Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition

Here's The First Gameplay Footage Of The First New-Gen Dynasty Warriors

Dynasty Warriors 8 is coming to PlayStation 4 with the newly added subtitle, Xtreme Legends Complete Edition, and you can see it action for the first time.

This is a re-release of Dynasty Warriors 8 which released last summer with a number of new modes and features like Ambition Mode, Challenge Mode, as well as additions to Free Mode and Story Mode. The game is also coming to Vita, and PlayStation 3, though the latter version drops the "Complete Edition" part of the subtitle.

The game will be available next week March 25, and will offer cross-save and cross-play compatibility across all three versions.

For our review of Dynasty Warriors 8, head here.

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  • Oh, it's just 8 again? I'm actually playing that right now. Looks a little but better graphically. I think every game since 5 or so has had a XL version at this point.
  • And still I remain entirely uninterested in this series.
  • The awesomeness overwhelms me.

  • Uh should I be interested in this?
  • Uh should I be interested in this?

  • All the power of the next gen consoles wasted on this mash the attack button repeatedly simulator.
  • "New-gen".

  • They're still making these games?! when will they give up?
  • i want 4 back. make your own character with a weapon that levels up and evolves. Hours of fun.
  • I thought the name was a joke at first.

  • didn't this game use to be serious?

  • Because it's XTREEEEEEME and LEGEN-DARY!

  • I used to love these games when growing up. I was always a History nerd (so much so that I went and got a degree in it) and the fact it was loosely based on the Three Kingdoms era always appealed to me. That and it was some simple fun for me and my brother to just enjoy together. After playing 7 though (and possibly skipping 6 altogether) the series has become somewhat stale and the seeming lesser focus, imo, on the lore and more on making the skills more 'showy' really killed my sense of enjoyment.
  • Oh damn I forgot, maybe I will have something to play on my ps4
  • Still looks like complete garbage...and not because of the V/O...I usually switch it to Japanese anyways...the gameplay still looks generic and dull...

  • weird that I was having nostalgia overload from my ps2 days!?

  • I know its a double post but I lol thinking this, this is exactly what call of duty will become, a US version of dynasty warriors.....CALL OF DUTY EXTREME LEGENDS COMPLETE EDITION with a killer rock solo in the background.
  • Looks a lot better than I was expecting.

  • I'm still waiting for Kessen 4.

  • I'm surprised a slash em up like this has lasted so long. Gives me hope that one of my most favorite genres makes a comeback this generation.

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