Dynasty Warriors has never been an groundbreaking franchise, and yet they remain. From the core, Dynasty Warriors 7 is the same as all other games in the series- find some enemies, start throwing light combos at them till they drop, and then occasionally unleash a massively overpowered super move. That is familiar- though a lot in Dynasty Warriors 7 has changed.


The game's formal Musou mode is gone, and replaced by a Conquest mode and a Dynasty mode. Dynasty mode is the more straightforward of the two, and follows the original 3 dynasties- Wei, Wu, Shu- and a 4th dynasty, Jin. The ability to pick your character is gone, and you'll be using whatever characters that the developers give you. Weapons can now be equipped to different officers at once, so experience gain is mostly carried over between characters. This is nice and all, and the Jin story was all new and pretty interesting, but the rest is too familiar. Maps have hardly changed since Dynasty Warriors 6, and it seems like the graphics took a step backwards. A few vehicles and new, stationary weapons were added- which was exciting for about 30 seconds. 


Conquest mode is similar to the Empires spin-offs that have been released in the past. You can build up an army and take over China one generic mission at a time, though the ability to enter cities and switch characters is new, everything else is massively boring and has no real story. It seems like every year Conquest gets closer to an RPG, so why doesn't Omega Force just make it over into a role-player? In my opinion, this would be a massive improvement over the dreary and poorly designed Conquest mode.


Not much new with the sound and animations- no one looks or sounds Chinese except the generic soldiers. 


I've been a fan of Dynasty Warriors for as long as I can remember, and I still play every installment- though I didn't shell out $60 for this title. And frankly, even though everything has been improved since Dynasty Warriors 6, why should you pay full retail on this title? Other than those small upgrades, it's the same thing I played in 2008 with it's previous installment. I can't help but think that this serious needs to change directions, and maybe a price cut is in order as well. 


Graphics: 4/10
Gameplay: 6/10
Dynasty Mode: 7/10
Conquest Mode: 3/10
Sound: 3/10
Overall: 5.25