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Dying Light

Pre-Order Bonus Allows You To Play As The Undead

Zombie fans who pre-order Techland's upcoming open world zombie game Dying Light will get access to Be the Zombie mode, which allows players to jump into the rotted skin of a deadly night hunter in the game’s PvP mode.
In Dying Light's Be the Zombie mode, players can stalk other players as a night hunter, a lethal predator with superhuman speed, a tendril used to grapple through the world, and a charge attack. Night hunter only appear at night, but they are extremely rare zombie mutations and are very deadly, but players will be able to develop their night hunter through their own skill tree. In Dying Light's Be the Zombie mode will only be available on day one to players who pre-order the game ahead of time, but we imagine the mode will become available to everyone somewhere down the road.

Check out a few screens from the mode below. For more, check out this walkthrough of the game in action.

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  • I really want to like this game, but the Dead Island games were decent at best :/
  • This seems like a pretty substantial piece of the game they are cutting out for a pre-order bonus.
  • I'm really looking forward to this game.  I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt and hoping to be surprised as how much fun this will be.

  • I feel like the dead island games were just their test runs to the zombie genre...hopefully this will be the real deal and will be the zombie game i've always wanted
  • I understand why companies do pre bonus stuff but I think this one may be a little much. I do think that after a few weeks though those who didnt pre order will be able to do the Zombie mode.

  • Limited exclusive dlc. If not then thats pretty stupid
  • Whoa...
  • MS was saying that if you buy a digital game within two weeks of release, you will get the preoder content. I'm not sure if he was talking about X1 exclusives, or just any game in general. If it is the latter, I will wait for reviews and then I will buy it within two weeks if it is good.
  • Thats BS. A whole game mode shouldn't be a "bonus".
  • I'm guessing this is a limited ordeal? I it's not, then a lot of the players will be missing out on a pretty big chunk of gameplay.
  • Was Dead Island the alpha game play to this? lol  I know Ill be stubborn and say I wont get it, but Im sure it will be a impulse buy on day 1.

  • Don't care. Day One.

  • I don't mind preorder stuff but come on, an entire game mode? That's as bad as when Metro: Last Light made Survival mode a preorder bonus.

  • Sounds freaking awesome, sounds like L4D with more depth. Im guessing this is a multiplayer only mode though so itll take dedication to get the right skills in your tree set. Color me intrigued

  • good thing i already pre-ordered <33333333

  • This sounds so cool, almost like a Demon's/Dark Souls set up. A player invades and kills another player, but can only do it under specific circumstances. Feels too huge to just lop off for a pre order deal.

  • So many games to preorder, so little money...

  • Games looks better then Dead island, yet there's still many things that I hate: the melee combat looks chaotic and weak, the hero is immune to bites, I wanna know more about inventory and item options.

  • Eff this practice of pre-order bonuses. What if I want to wait for reviews to make sure your game isn't a total piece of sh!t before I plunk down $60 on it? I miss out on game content that seems like it should be included in the core game experience, that's what. Well, f@ck your game, and f@ck you. When I see this sh!t it makes me even less likely to buy the game. Ever. So good job for costing yourself at least one potential sale.

    And don't get me started on having three or four different retailer specific exclusive content packs so you have to decide between starting the game with a bonus weapon, costume, accessory, etc. I wish that people would stop pre-ordering these games altogether so that the devs/pubs would quit it....Honestly, when is the last time any game has ever been hard to find the day following release if you have access to GameStop, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, etc.? No reason to pre-order!'s been a terrible week and I'm just a little on edge at the moment. I stand behind my message, but the words would have been different on a better day.

  • Pretty neat if it's anywhere as good as Left 4 Dead's zombie roles...

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