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Dying Light

Setting Booby Traps After Nightfall

Techland’s follow up to the Dead Island series continues the developer’s line of first-person, open-world zombie games. Dying Light changes up the formula with fluid parkour gameplay and a revolving day-to-night cycle. Speaking of night, I played a section of the game where we’re tasked with setting up a variety of creative traps during the daytime for use when the zombies turn extra vicious.

The first-person gameplay of Dying Light feels like a smoother Dead Island infused with the graceful leaping and climbing of EA’s Mirror’s Edge series. Scaling roofs and drop kicking the undead takes a little getting used to, but once you have it down, the stunts you can pull feel great. Sprinting up to a zombie and swinging an axe into it carries a satisfying weight as well.

Beating down zombies with machetes and axes is wonderful, but the survivors of Dying Light need to think bigger come dusk. Zombies get faster and more aggressive as the sun sets. I prepared for these enhanced foes by enabling improvised anti-undead booby traps. One trap electrifies a section of chain link fence laying on the ground by a choke point, which results in dozens of fried foes. Another requires rigging a car with explosives, triggering the car’s alarm remotely, and detonating the payload when a bunch of zombies close in. Players can also toss zombie bait as they weave through the expansive city, throwing off dangerously close hordes in the process.

I didn’t have access to the remote-controlled traps during my E3 2013 hands-on demo, but now I’m wishing I had. Fleeing the tireless masses of zombies during the night is harrowing, and these tricks help even the score. I can’t wait to see how four players can work together using traps like these in Dying Light’s co-op. It arrives on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC next year. 

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  • Traps would be handy.
  • I don't trust the gameplay footage for this game at all. Its got doctored written all over it.
  • I'm more looking forward to this one than I am Dead Rising 3. I really didn't like DR2 because of the timed missions. Timed missions in any game turns me off.
  • Mod
    I'm still on the fence about this game. The movement looks pretty plastic-y from what I've seen, like everything is very light. In Mirror Edge, I felt a sense of gravity. Like I was controlling an actual person. There was a weight to everything. I wasn't really seeing that in the Dying Light game-play preview I saw. Though, I admit my expectations are pretty high for this game, so I may be nitpicking.

    On the positives, I really love the concept. Plus, the whole "trap" thing adds even more variety to the game-play.
  • I hope they have a better time delivering a good story. Dead island was really lacking and could have used some good storytelling to create some tension and overall better experience. I really didn't care when they tried the emotional thing with the mechanic girl
  • I wonder how current gen consoles will handle the high number of zombies being displayed on screen at once. And I really hope they don't have slippery movement on this game, in Dead Island I felt like I was on ice the whole time.
  • oh another dead island sequency?! cool! (or not!)

  • As a fan of the original Dead Island, this is on my top 5 most anticipated next gen games. The 12 minute gameplay demo is really cool, and I hope it turns out like how that looks.
  • I was sold on the teaser trailer, but after watching the gameplay and reading the articles on it I must admit I'm becoming skeptical. They still have my pre-order for now, but I don't know how long that'll last.

  • I thought I was tired of the whole zombie thing and then I got excited for this.

  • Hey guys, I know it's the zombie apocalypse and all, but we should rig a perfectly good vehicle with explosives to kill some zombies!

  • Techland really needed a next-gen system to do it's IP right and Dying Light continues to impress me. It's like Dead Island on steroids, hopefully they refine the gunplay more as guns feel so useless even in the original dead island.

  • I am looking forward to this one. I enjoyed Dead Island as well as it's Riptide sequel. And I find myself unable to grow tired of the zombie scene. I just hope the gunplay will be improved.